The following rooms in Reid Hall are scheduled by the Department of Education. If you wish to reserve a room please email Room Reservations. Click below to view the current schedule for each room.

Please Note

All requests for room reservations made by other departments, programs, faculty or organizations must be emailed to Room Reservations. Requests then will be forwarded to the Department of Education program leaders for approval.

Courses offered by the Department of Education and meetings conducted by the Department of Education have priority status for scheduling these rooms. These rooms may be available to other departments, programs, faculty and organizations upon request.

Audio Visual Equipment in the Rooms

Reid Computer Operating System SMARTboard and Projector Additional Screen 
123 Windows 10



124 Windows 10 Yes Wall Mounted Monitor
126 Windows 10 Yes  No
206 Windows 10 No No
223 Windows 10 Yes  Wall Mounted Monitor
301 Windows 10 Yes  Second Projector
422 Windows 7 Yes  No
423 Windows 7 Yes  No
425 Macintosh 10 Yes  No

Troubleshooting AV

Black Screen - Start or Restart Computer