We are a group for ALL educators: elementary-secondary, and all areas of concentration. 

Our group members are:

  • a non-profit organization. 
  • Students preparing and advancing their skills to become exceptional future teachers. 
  • Focus on professional development. 
  • Community service/outreach oriented
  • Advocating for public education through political awareness
  • Being a professional representative for the Education Department at MSU


As a student organization of MEA-MFT, our mission is to:

  • help prepare and advance the skills of future teachers and build our professional development
  • cooperate together with other students and organizations in the Education Department
  • further our education as future teachers
  • represent the Education Department at MSU in a professional manner
  • advocate for public education and provide awareness of schools and students who are in need of assistance

Meeting Times/Dates

We meet once a month, typically the third Tuesday of every month. Our next meeting is Nov. 3rd. 


We have no fees to join! Students are welcome to pay the fee to join the MEA-MFT, but no fees are required to be a part of our student chapter .

Contact Information 

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MEA-MFT official website:


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