The College of EHHD Communication & Marketing Plan



Authors: Deb Redburn, Brittany Watkins, Susan Moe, Alison Harmon

Purposes of Plan:

  • To share information about our current and proposed communication and marketing channels with EHHD internal stakeholders (faculty, staff, and students).
  • Determine ways to be more deliberate and systematic about gathering and disseminating EHHD stories.
  • Engage EHHD’s internal stakeholders in marketing EHHD messages.

EHHD communication & marketing channels:

Internal Communications + Advisory Council

  • Tuesday Times—weekly every Tuesday
    • College News Update—2‐3 times per semester
  • Annual Impact Report—email publication to 6400 EHHD alumni‐‐fall, spring. Write articles or gather articles from MSU News Service.
  • EHHD Student Connection Newsletter


External Communications

  • College News Update—2‐3 times per semester—to MSU administration, Deans, VPs, MSU Foundation development officers and administrators, MSU Communications staff and other communication specialists, Office of Public Instruction, Montana Educator Association,

Governor’s education advisor, Department of Public Health and Human Services

  • Annual Impact Report—email publication to 6400 EHHD alumni and all of the above—once a year
  • Write press releases as needed and submit to MSU News
  • Write stories for publication on MSU News
  • Communicate story ideas of interest to our College reporter—Anne Cantrell—for MSU News Service Stories
  • Submit story ideas for Collegian and Mountains and Minds
    • Post college and department announcements/events on MSU Calendar of Events
    • View Books and Departmental Letters for Accepted Students
      • EHHD student listerv MSU Communications
        • Exponent Advertising and EHHD related stories are published in the Exponent
        • MSU News—(Deb Redburn meets regularly with MSU Communications)
        • MSU Today/ MSU Calendar
        • Bobcat Bulletin
        • Champ Change
        • EHHD Web Page—new page for student organizations, and archive of EHHD Student Connection newsletter


EHHD Social Media Channels:

Use #MSUEHHD (posts with this hashtag will be re‐posted by EHHD)

Some Specific Instructions for Social Media: Facebook:

1)      Go to or download Facebook App on your smart device.

2)      In the top search bar type in @CollegeofEHHDMSU

3)      If you have a Facebook account, click Like to stay connected with our page.

  1. You do not have to have a twitter account to see our page.


1)      Go to or download Twitter App on your smart device.

2)      In the top search bar type in @MSU_EHHD

3)      If you have a twitter account, click Follow to stay connected with our page.

  1. You do not have to have a twitter account to see our page.


1)      Go to or download Instagram App on your smart device.

2)      In top search bar type in @MSU_EHHD

3)      If you have an Instagram account, click follow to stay connected with out page.

  1. You do not have to have an Instagram account to see our page.

Using hashtags:

  • When posting a story to these social media sites use #MSUEHHD so that we can share your story to our pages!
  • The hash symbol (#) turns any word or group of words that directly follow it into a searchable link.
  • Click on a hashtag to see all the posts that mention the subject in real time. Coming Soon:

LinkedIn (exploring)

EHHD Youtube Channel—will become active when we have a collection of videos that are appropriately branded.

A designated Dean’s office staff member or student worker to focus on social media


How we are reaching EHHD audiences:




Marketing Channels

Current   EHHD students

Student listserv; Student   Connection; ads/articles in Exponent; web site; social media posts; Messages   from the Dean

Future EHHD students

Web site; View Books;   Departmental mailing to admitted students; social media; special brochures   for new programs (ie. Hospitality Management, P‐3)

All MSU students

Ads/articles in Exponent;   MSU calendar of events, Champ Change, poster, social media; special brochures   for new programs

EHHD   Faculty

Tuesday Times; Monthly   Faculty Update from the Dean; College Newsletter; Annual Impact Report; Town   Hall Meetings; All College Roundtables;

EHHD   Staff

Tuesday Times; Monthly   Faculty Update from the Dean; College Newsletter; Annual Impact Report; Town   Hall Meetings; All College Roundtables

EHHD Alums

Annual Impact Report

EHHD   Donors

Annual   Impact Report; Thank you cards; Holiday cards

EHHD   Advisory Council

Tuesday   Times; Monthly AC Update from the Dean; College   Newsletter; Annual Impact Report; Town Hall Meetings; All College Roundtables


(President’s office, VPs,   Deans, Communications, MSUAF Development Directors etc.)

College Newsletter; Annual Impact Report

Montana Legislators and   other policy makers

Annual Impact Report;   Education Legislative Update (biannual)

EHHD   Stakeholders (see below)

Web   site; College Newsletter; Annual Impact Report

Social   Media Users

Posts   and re‐posts


How we gather EHHD stories:

  • Elizabeth Bird sends Open Memos from OSP to Deb Redburn
  • Faculty self‐report their accomplishments to Department Heads, Deans, and/or Deb Redburn
  • Faculty report the accomplishments of their colleagues to Department Heads, Deans and/or Deb Redburn
    • Deb Redburn meets with Leadership Team monthly to gather stories, updates, and information about events.
    • Faculty regularly update Activity Insight with information about publications, grants etc.
    • Associate Dean of Research Development facilitates the marketing of EHHD publications that have been logged on Activity Insight
      • EHHD accomplishments posted on social media with #MSUEHHD will be re‐posted on EHHD social media channels.
      • EHHD internal grant awardees are required to send a paragraph summary to Deb Redburn during the project or after the project is completed.
      • EHHD students who are awarded travel scholarships are required to send a paragraph summary to Deb Redburn after their travel is completed.
      • Deb Redburn interviews faculty/staff and students or alums for spotlight stories.
      • Deb Redburn meets with faculty/staff to discuss potential EHHD stories.
        • Dean reports on EHHD events and accomplishments at University Council and Dean’s Council meetings.
  • EHHD faculty and staff share EHHD stories in the context of their services on University Committees.
  • EHHD will re‐post MSU News stories and other popular media on EHHD social media channels.
  • Faculty and staff invite Deb Redburn to events.
    • Deb Redburn will receive stories from searching #MSUEHHD on social media and can elaborate on these through other communication outlets
    • Report teaching, research, and outreach activities with tribal communities in the annual EHHD tribal relation report (reports due to Dean’s office May 15th for compilation)


Use the “Share your EHHD story” (coming) button on the web site, in Tuesday Times, or Student Connections to send a short message to Deb Redburn who will follow‐up with you (faculty, staff, students, alums and stakeholders).

When you post your own work on social media, use #MSUEHHD so that we can re‐post your message or link.

Create a 2 minute story for the first edition of the EHHD annual impact collage

Future Goals:

Develop a digital teaching laboratory in Reid Hall for on‐line teaching, curriculum development and EHHD communication and marketing of our research, teaching, and service.

Create a “Share your Story” Button on the EHHD web page Develop a first edition of the EHHD Digital Impact Collage



EHHD Stakeholders: organizations, community partners, community leaders:

Continue to add MT School District partners; need to add more HHD relevant organizations; looking for email contact information for each


MCDE                                                   Montana Council of Deans of Education                           

SAM                                                      School Administrators of Montana                                     

                                                              Montana Education Associate and the Montana

MEAMFT                                              Federation of Teachers                                                                   www.mea‐

MTSBA                                                 Montana School Board Association                                    

MREA                                                   Montana Rural Education Association                                          www.mrea‐

MSSA                                                   Montana Small Schools Alliance                                           ‐

MTBPE                                                 Montana Board of Public Education                                    

OPI                                                       Office of Public Instruction                                                    

MQEC                                                  Montana Quality Education Coalition                                  

MT DPHHS                                         Montana Department of Public Health & Human Services

MTAND                                               Montana Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics                    

                                                             Montana Governor's Office                                                   

                                                             Senator Tester's Office                                                           

                                                             Montana Association of Family Consumer Sciences


MTFCCLA                                            Educators                                                                                 

                                                             Montana Family of Career and Community Leaders of                                                        America                                                                                            


MACTE                                                  Montana Association of Career and Technical Educators

MTEYC                                                  Montana Association for the Education of Young Children

MTAND                                                 Montana Academy of Nutrition & Dietetics                      

SHAPE MT                                            Montana Society of Health & Physical Educators             







Council for the Accreditation of   Educator Preparation


Home Economists in Business



University Council of Educational   Administration


Shape American Society of Health and Physical   Educators


American School Health Association









Certificate in Professional Education