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Indian Leadership Education and Development (I LEAD) Project

I LEAD Superintendent Preparation Course Delivery

Students will be expected to attend one 2-week summer sessions on the Bozeman Campus during the first summer and two 2-week summer sessions during the second summer.  A stipend will be paid to help offset the costs for transportation and housing during the on-campus sessions
Summer session dates for 2013 are July 8-19
Summer session dates for 2014 are June 16-27 and July 7-18
During the school year, courses will be offered using distance learning methods and/or  weekend instruction conducted regionally  based on where students are clustered
Those students pursuing doctoral studies will take 14 credits of dissertation after Spring 2015

Program of Study for 2013 I LEAD Superintendent Cohort

Summer 2013
EDLD 520               School Superintendent
EDLD 545               School Personnel Management
EDLD 650               Resources and Facilitates
EDLD 655               Advanced Law and Policy Studies
EDLD 594               Special Topic: Indian Education, Heritage and Identity (Optional)

Fall 2013
EDLD 610               Leadership and Organizational Theory
EDLD 574               Field Experience

Spring 2014
EDLD 630               Advanced Instructional Leadership
EDCI 501                Educational Statistics I

Summer 2014
EDLD 643               Leading Social Justice
EDLD 594:             Special Topic: Ethical Leadership
EDCI 508                Advanced Educational Psychology
EDCI 502                Advanced Educational Statistics

Fall 2014
EDLD 657               Educational Policy and Politics
EDCI 607                Quantitative Research

Spring 2015
EDCI 507                Qualitative Research