Montana State University

Master's Degree Specialization- M.Ed. Adult Education


This master's degree specialization is for persons who will or do work within programs of adult education in contexts other than higher education institutions. Community education, religious education, workplace training and development, wellness education, and many other types of adult education programs need professionals who understand their core adult education functions and their adult learners. This program plan is designed to complement one's content expertise (gained outside of the Adult & Higher Education program) with adult education function skills and adult learner awareness. A minimum of 30 credit hours is required.


Program of Study

Adult Education Core - 12 credit hours
EDLD 501 Found Adult Education 3
EDLD 511 Planning Program Assessment 3
EDLD 513 Resource & Prog Mgmt 3
Statistics and Research - 6 credit hours
EDCI 501 Educational Statistics I 3
EDCI 506 Applied Ed Rsch 3
Electives or Internship or Program Thesis - 12 credit hours 12
Twelve hours of electives may include some Internship or Program Thesis hours. Electives can include other higher education/student affairs courses.
Total Credits 27


Students with no professional experience working in an adult education program must provide evidence of having gained such experience prior to completing the program plan or they must register for a three-credit adult education internship (EDLD 598).