Montana State University's

  Leadership Fellows Certificate


Leadership is Messy

Leading is Messy . . .

And exciting, frustrating, inspiring, life-giving, exhilarating, embodied,
challenging, creative, emotional, imaginal, mind-blowing, and BEAUTIFUL!

HERE'S THE THING: There is no discipline or area of study in which leadership is
not relevant. Sooner or later, everything comes down to how we lead and follow.

Self-knowledge, appreciation of complex adaptive systems, and technical expertise
are just some of what's needed to effectively address this century's challenges.

To graduate from MSU as a Leadership Fellow . . . 

Begin with Leadership Foundations (UC 121US-3 credits)*:  Explore leadership through a variety of frames in this experiential and engaging class. Here are just a few of the topics covered in the course:

  • How people work and interact in teams and organizations; emotional intelligence
  • Theories of leading, following, and organizational dynamics
  • Principles of ethical behavior, decision-making, risk and conflict management, negotiating
  • Critical thinking, writing, and communicating

End with Leadership Capstone (UC 302-1 credit): In this course, it's your choice! You choose to conduct original research on a leadership topic within your chosesn field of study, do an internship, shadow a MSU student-led club or local organization, work with a faculty member in your department, or something else entirely—all with the ongoing support of your peers and instructor. Final projects are presented to the audience of your choice and/or to Leadership Studies students. Exemplary projects may be selected to be presented at MSU's annual spring undergraduate research conference.


*NOTE: Leadership Foundations, UC 121US, is an approved CORE seminar course. By taking this course, you will not only meet a CORE course requirement, but will also take the first step toward obtaining your Leadership Fellows Certificate. For info contact: Dr. Stephanie Lindsay, Director, Leadership Fellows Certificate:

The Leadership Fellows Certificate Program is open to
all MSU students regardless of their chosen program of study.


For more information contact Stephanie Lindsay on 994-2016 or