LIFE Scholars Student Eligibility and Admissions


Students must be a minimum of 18 years of age, have completed all high school requirements, be identified as an individual with an intellectual /developmental disability, and have a strong desire to attend college.

LIFE Scholars are admitted to MSU on a rolling application schedule.  Students submit an application packet, 2 letters of recommendation and participate in an interview with LIFE Scholars staff.

 Download a LIFE Scholars Application Packet

Please submit completed application packets to:

            MSU LIFE Scholars
            College of Education, Health & Human Development  
            C/O Christy Sofianek
            311 Reid Hall
            P.O. Box 172940
            Bozeman, MT 59717-2940



The costs to attend the MSU LIFE Scholars Program includes MSU tuition and fees, a program fee and optional meal plan. Overall costs will vary depending on the number of classes a student registers for, typically between 1-3 per semester.

Student payment options may include private pay, scholarships, grants, vocational rehabilitation benefits and social security work incentives. Financial assistance is offered through scholarships, as well as a pending designation of a Comprehensive Transition Program (CTP), which will allow students to apply for federal financial aid, such as Pell grants, and work study programs.

Downloadable version of the Scholarship Application

2018/2019 Student Costs

Per Semester
3 credits
(1 class)
6 credits
(2 classes)
9 credits
(3 classes)
 MSU Tuition $706.80 $1,413.60 $2,120.40  
 MSU Fees $163.80 $240.00 $735.19  
 Student Access Fee ++ see below $418.99 $418.99 $0.00 *
 LIFE Scholars Program Fee - $1000/yr.  $500.00   $500.00   $500.00  
 Books/Supplies $50.00 $100.00 $150.00  
 MSU Student ID card - one time only  $15.00   $15.00   $15.00  
 New Student Fee - one time only  $90.00   $90.00   $90.00  
 Student Technology - one time only
(iPad, smartphone, tablet)
 -  -  -  
 Meal Plan - optional *** see below   -   -   -  
Total Cost - 1st semester  $1,944.59  $2,777.59  $3.610.59  



  ++LIFE Scholars Student Access Fees  
  ASMSU Fees - Access to the gym $113.24
  Health / Dental Fees - Access to campus clinic  $227.00
  Athletic Fee - Access to sporting events  $78.75
  Total $418.99
*  When a student takes 7 or more credits, the Student Access Fee is included in the MSU Fees.


    ***Meal Plan Pricing
    25 Meals $225.00
    50 Meals $425.00
    75 Meals $581.25
     100 Meals  $700.00


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