About Us

The purpose of this office is to advance funded programs within the College of Education, Health and Human Development. 

Achieving this goal will result in many, varied benefits to individual faculty and staff and to the college as a whole:

  • The College will build its capacity to provide “seed” money for new project development, through equitable distribution of its allocated Facilities & Administration funds.
  • Principal Investigators benefit through career progression, potentially increased salary, labor and collaborator assistance of various kinds, travel funds, improvements in equipment, possible course buy-outs etc.
  • Faculty and staff expand the number and expertise of collaborators on their projects (building greater subject area strength).
  • The Departments expand and strengthen their areas of expertise, potentially drawing more students.
  • Departments expand research opportunities for students.

Reid Hall

In order to achieve and sustain this goal the Office of Research Development offers the following types of services and supports:

    • Pre-award assistance with:
      • Workshops on grant writing, budgeting and other relevant topics
      • Fund identification
      • Reading the Request for Proposals and understanding proposal requirements
      • Filling out proposal forms
      • Developing a budget
      • Meeting human subjects protection requirements
      • Models for budget narratives and other types of required forms
      • Submission of the EHHD Letter of Intent, and the OSP electronic Proposal Clearance Form

Herrick Hall

  • Post-award assistance with:
    • Coaching on project management challenges, learning project management skills
    • Support with human resources and affirmative action
    • Project planning (especially facilitating common understandings among multiple partners)
    • Annual resource allocation (e.g. “spending out” current year funds, or creating justification of carryover uses)
    • Reading Banner and/or “AgBooks” expenditure reports
    • Collaborating with OSP on grant reports
    • Conducting outreach about your project
    • Team facilitation or conflict resolution
    • Editing reports or manuscripts
    • Trouble-shooting contract negotiations or team agreements (usually involves the Dean)
    • Meetings of Principal Investigators to share issues and learn about new rules and policies.


Romney Gym