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Account Login & Setup

Email Login page

Log in to account

  1. Go to
  2. Enter your NetID and Password.
  3. Don't know password? Refer to the Get NetID instructions
  4. Click the 'Login' button
  5. The account setup window opens.

Google Account Terms of Service image

Create account

  1. Enter characters shown in the word verification picture.
  2. Click on the 'I accept, Create my account' button.
Your new MSU email inbox opens.

Email Inbox image

My address?

Your email address is your In the image to the right, circled in red you will see what appears to be another email address made up of your NetID followed by This is not your email address.

    To view your real email address:
  • Click the 'Compose Mail' button (see red arrow).
Compose Mail Message image
  • Your email address is shown in the 'From" field (see red circle).

Still in doubt? Log in to My Profile and it will be listed under the "User Information" link.

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