Montana State University is committed to providing a safe and healthy campus environment for all students, faculty, staff and visitors.  This page provides an overview of campus response to incidents as well as guidelines to prepare for emergencies.

What Happens When an Incident Occurs

Whenever a significant incident occurs on campus, the MSU Police officers who report to the scene are then instructed to notify their supervisor On-Call. Based on the seriousness of the situation, the supervisor may alert the Police Chief to activate MSU’s Emergency Operations Plan which prescribes a comprehensive set of emergency response procedures to deal with crisis situations.

Communication During an Emergency

Emergency messages will be distributed through the MSU website, and the MSU Alert System.

During major emergencies, family members from across the country can obtain updated information by calling 1-800-411-2287or visiting the MSU Website.

Personalized Family Communication Plan

Each student, faculty and staff should maintain a Personalized Family Communication Plan.

Resources for Students

MSU has a resources available to help students with any physical or emotional needs. Medical attention is available at Student Health Services or, if needed, at area hospitals. Counselors also are available.

Students – Be Prepared

Below are a few key steps to assist students toward being prepared for an emergency. 

  1. Assemble an Emergency Supply Kit
  2. Learn about What Hazards Can Occur
  3. Update Emergency Contact Information in BANNER .
  4. Make a Personalized Family Communication Plan


View our Preparedness Checklist for more details.