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The Procrastinator Theater is a student operated movie theater located in the SUB bringing you new and old films at low prices. $2 everyday and $1 Thursday’s! 

We apologize for any inconvenience, but we are no longer able to screen Peter Rabbit (which was to be shown April 23-29) due to copyright conflicts.  In lieu of Peter Rabbit, we will be showing a “mystery movie” which is also known as the highest grossing movie of the year to date.  The last week of the semester is Student Appreciation week.  MSU students only for shows April 23rd-29th

NEW: We are excited to announce the debut of our new stamp cards! Watch ten movies at the Pro and get a free small drink and popcorn from Avo's, as well as free admission to a movie! Stop in and grab one!

We are selling movie posters for $5/poster and have over 150 in our collection!
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Molly's Game


Thursday: 9PM
Friday: 9PM
Saturday: 9PM
Sunday: 3PM



Monday: 9PM
Tuesday: 9PM
Thursday: 6:30PM
Friday: 6:30PM
Saturday 6:30PM
Sunday: 12:30PM


*To learn what the mystery movie is please email or look for posters on campus!

Bridgett Zahniser| ASMSU Procrastinator Student Director 406.994.2933

**To book the Procrastinator for an event, call Conference & Event Services at 406-994-3081 or go to **