ASMSU Preschool Mission Statement 

The ASMSU Preschool's mission is to serve the MSU students, staff, and faculty as a quality early education center for children age 2 ½ years until entrance into kindergarten; to implement a program to meet the needs of young children at different ages and developmental levels; to be an inclusive setting for children and their families; to support families as valued partners in the education process; and to promote a learning community of children and adults that promotes optimal child development and healthy families. 

About Us 

The ASMSU Preschool provides child care and educational activities for preschoolers ages 2½ until entrance into kindergarten. Children do not have to be toilet trained. Open to children of MSU students, staff and faculty. School is in session Monday through Friday 7:45a.m. to 5:15p.m. on the days MSU classes are in session. We are open during summer session. Half days and whole days are available. The staff consists of a Director and primary teachers who have college degrees in early childhood or a related field, and student aides.

Under our holistic philosophy, we concern ourselves with the total child. Our goal is to help preschoolers progress in all areas of development (social, intellectual, emotional and physical) by using developmentally appropriate practice. Our primary aim is to help each child grow in self-confidence and self-esteem. In addition, the school offers some referral services for those wishing to find other child care options, parenting information, and the opportunity for MSU students to work with young children. A hot lunch, consisting of a protein source, vegetable, fruit, bread, and milk will be served to those staying over the lunch hour. The food is prepared by the MSU Food Services at Miller Dining and brought to the school. In addition, a breakfast snack in the AM and a snack in the PM will be prepared at the day care school. We participate in the USDA Child Food Program. There is also a committee that advises and formulates policy for the school as well as prepares and presents the budget. There are four student member positions open and if you are interested, please ask for further information in Room 221 of the SUB.

Family Handbook


Our center is licensed by the State of Montana's Department of Public Health and Human Services and is accredited by the National Association for the Education of Young Children.


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Rates and Hours of Operation:

S t u d e n t R a t e s :  F u l l D a y : $ 2 9 . 0 0 H a l f D a y : $ 2 2 . 0 0 F a c u l t y / S t a f f R a t e s : F u l l D a y : $ 3 7 . 0 0  H a l f D a y : $ 2 7 . 0 0 A c a d e m i c Y e a r :  F u l l D a y : 7 : 4 5 a m - 5 : 1 5 p m A M H a l f D a y : 7 : 4 5 a m - 1 p m P M H a l f D a y : 1 2 p m - 5 : 1 5 p m S u mm e r :  F u l l D a y : 7 : 2 0 a m - 5 p m  A M H a l f D a y : 7 : 2 0 a m - 1 p m P M H a l f D a y : 1 2 p m - 5 p m