OSE Partnership/Sponsorship Proposal

Due to the high number of requests for collaboration opportunities that we have received, we have formalized and streamlined the process. The purpose of this proposal form is to assess your request and how it aligns with our office mission and goals. The OSE will carefully review your request and communicate a decision within 7 calendar days. 

Timeline: Must submit this form no later than 4 weeks prior to the event date or desired services requested. 

The Marketing team will insure the Office of Student Engagement (OSE) has a cohesive marketing brand. ASMSU Student Government, Community Engagement, Student Organizations, and Campus Events and Programs will be equally represented through consistent and widespread marketing. The student voice and student-created content will be at the forefront of all messaging and public relations. This team model will enable program directors to focus on running their programs and will remove marketing from their daily tasks.

Meet the Team:

Nick Zetterberg

Nick Zetterberg

Student Public Relations Director

Emily Abel

Graphic Designer


Graphic Designer


Avital Pelakh

Media Productions Director

Grace Allen

Marketing Team Intern

Laurynn Olson

Laurynn Olson

Staff Advisor

For OSE/ASMSU Internal Use:

Equipment Rental Form:


Design Request Form:

  • Please set up a meeting with Emily to request graphics.

SUB TV Submission Form: 

ASMSU TV Submission Form:

Website edits/creation:

  • Email or schedule a meeting with Laurynn

Photo/video requests: 

  • Email or schedule a meeting with Laurynn

OSE Facebook page:

OSE Instagram page:

Important Dates:

  • The Marketing Team meets on Tuesdays at 4pm. Email Nick if you would like to attend the meeting to brainstorm your marketing needs!
  • The Hub e-newsletter is sent on the 1st and 3rd Wednesday of the month. Content must be sent to Laurynn the Monday before at 12pm. 
  • The Bobcat Buzz will go out on Monday afternoons. Content must be sent to Nick by Monday (the week before) at 12pm. 
  • Fall '19 poster deadline is Tuesdays at 12pm. Print 50. 
  • Club News content deadline is Mondays at 5pm. Not all ASMSU/OSE programs or announcements will be a good fit for Club News, please consult with Mandy. 

Important Dimensions:

  • Sandwich board: 26x38in
  • OSE homepage image slider: 1060x480px
  • Other OSE/ASMSU homepage sliders: 1000x455px
  • SUB Union Market/SUB 222 TV: 1600x725px jpeg horizontal
  • ASMSU TV: 11x17in jpeg vertical
  • SUB Banner: 36x42in
  • SUB Poster Case: 27.5” wide and 43” high
  • Procrastinator Theater slides before movies: 1920 x 1080px due week before asmsufilms@montana.edu

Large Canon Printer: 

  • Only Laurynn and the front desk in SUB 222 can print to the Canon large printer. 

Xerox (SUB 222) Printer Prices:

  • B&W:  .0008

  • Color:  .055