Attention current Compact Service Corps members!!!

Below are the time logs you will need to submit each month.  Please pay special attention to which year you select. If you received a start date before August 19th, 2013, use the 2012-1013 time logs. If you received a start date of August 19th 2013 or later, please use the 2013-2014 time logs.

For additional clarification about which time logs need to be used, please contact Brianna Cronin at (406) 994-7475 or email

2012-2013 2013-2014
Healthy Futures Time Log
Capacity Building Time Log
Exit Packet
Healthy Futures Time Log
Capacity Building Time Log
Exit Packet

What is AmeriCorps?

Each year, AmeriCorps offers 75,000 opportunities for adults of all ages and backgrounds to serve through a network of partnerships with local and national nonprofit groups. Read the information below to learn how to get involved with national service through AmeriCorps!

AmeriCorps Opportunities for MSU Students

National AmeriCorps Programs


AmeriCorps Opportunities for MSU students

What is Compact Service Corps?




The Compact Service Corps AmeriCorps Program, hosted by Campus Compact offices in Colorado and Montana, is a national service program that connects students with communities through meaningful service-learning, civic engagement, and community service experiences. Compact Service Corps Members serve in positions that focus on increasing academic engagement in K-12 schools; providing primary and preventive healthcare to those living in designated underserved areas; and recruiting, training and managing volunteers for nonprofit and government agencies to build capacity and infrastructure.

Compact Service Corps is funded by the Corporation for National and Community Service, providing students who enroll as AmeriCorps Members and complete their service hours with an education award to support repayment of qualified student loans or payment of current educational expenses.  For more information about the program, visit the program website at

Students make a commitment to complete a specified Term of Service and upon completion of the Term of Service the member receives an Education Award in the following corresponding value. An Education Award may be used for past, present, or future educational expenses (loans, current tuition, books, or can be held for up to 7 years).

Term of Service                   Education Award
300 Hours                              $1,175
450 Hours                              $1,468
675 Hours                              $2,075
900 Hours                              $2,775
1700 Hours                            $5,550

*All Terms of Service must be completed within one calendar year. The 900-hour Term of Service is the only Term that members have two years to complete.

How to get involved in the Compact Service Corps program:

Students who are completing at least 300 hours of service to the community service with a single non-profit or government agency may be eligible for the program. 
Eligibility requirements:
1. US Citizen or US Permanent Resident
2. 18 Years of Age or older
3. Successfully pass FBI and statewide Criminal History Checks (CHC) and Sexual Offender Registry check (We will run the checks)

To learn more about enrolling in a Compact Service Corps position, contact Brianna Cronin at (406) 994-7475 or email

Resources for CSC members:

CSC Pre-Service Orientation
Forms, enrollment and exit packets, time logs, etc.
Careers in the Common Good Scholarship Application
2011-2012 Healthy Futures time logs

National AmeriCorps Program Opportunities

AmeriCorps service can be done in your local community, within other communities in Montana, or across the United States.
The MSU Office of Activities and Engagement may offers options for other service opportunities, but only directly manages the Compact Service Corps program. The following are local and national service options. The MSU Office of Activities and Engagement is not responsible for any interactions or occurrences with the agencies.

Click on the program names below to learn more about each program.