The Office of Activities and Engagement (OAE) serves as a community service resource to MSU students, faculty and staff. OAE administers and oversees the MSU America Reads* America Counts (MSU AR*AC) program which engages college students as well as community volunteers in tutoring pre-k through 8th grade students in Bozeman area schools. The mission of the MSU AR*AC program is to work with and support area children to achieve and succeed academically. In any given program year, the OAE recruits, screens, selects, trains and places 45 to 120 tutors in area schools serving 200 to 350 children referred to the program by concerned teachers or specialists. In the school setting, the tutors are supervised by and accountable to the referring teachers of each student with whom they work.

The MSU America Reads*America Counts tutors are responsible for working with the students to whom they have been assigned, assisting them in meaningful and constructive ways to embrace and experience success with literacy or math skill development. Tutors are consistent and reliable adults in the lives of the children referred to this program, and they are looked up to and seen as role models by their tutees. Each tutor is responsible to work cooperatively with all supervising teachers and maintain ongoing communication with those teachers so that the referred students receive the most timely and relevant instruction possible.

Teacher Responsibilities

  • Our tutors work directly with you to discuss the special needs of each referred student. You will be acting as their supervisor for this time period and will be expected to sign off on the tutor's hours every month for our payroll sheets.
  • In the case that the student is sick, or if the school is out of session for some reason we ask that you, as soon as possible, contact your tutor(s) via email or phone, so that they do not report to their scheduled tutoring session.
  • If you have a student in your class whom you feel would benefit from one-on-one tutoring in math and/or literacy, please fill out a referral form and we will do our best to match that student with an MSU America Reads*America Counts Tutor.
  • We are not able to guarantee that every referred student will be matched with a tutor, as the matching process is dependent on how many tutors apply to our program and how well the schedules of selected tutors match the days and times your student is available to be tutored. We will do everything that we can, however, to find a suitable match.

Please use the following documents to begin requesting an MSU AR*AC Tutor: