Involvement Fair

involvement fair


Information for Involvement Fair attendees 

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Bring a friend to the Involvement Fair!

Previous fairs featured numerous distinct clubs and organizations, ranging from common college fixtures such as Fraternity and Sorority Life, and recreational and music groups, to more unique clubs like Dance Club, Collegiate FFA, and Tactical Action Gaming. Whether this is your first or last semester at Montana State University, involvement is a crucial part of your experience. Joining an organization of interest serves to introduce you to like-minded individuals – OR – getting involved outside of your comfort zone will help you get acquainted with people you may not normally interact with.

In the long term, getting involved may lead to life-long friendships and treasured memories. For now, joining a club or two may just give you what you really need: plans for Friday or Saturday night to socialize with your new club-mates or weekend plans skiing with folks with developmentally dis(tinct)-abilities.



Information for registered student clubs and community organizations:

Important information:

Check-In: All Involvement Fair participants are required to check-in between 9:00am and 9:45am on Wednesday, January 27th. The check-in table will be located inside of the SUB Ballrooms.

Parking: Community organizations that requested a parking pass can pick it up at at the check-in table (inside SUB Ballrooms) 9:00am and 9:45am.

Set-up: Once you are checked-in you may begin setting up your table. One 8 foot table and two chairs will be provided to you. 

Tear-Down: Wednesday, January 27th; 3:00pm – 3:30pm

For participating Student & Community Organizations:

For the past 15 years, the Office of Activities and Engagement hosts between 50-70 non-profit organizations on campus. This event is a great opportunity to introduce community and campus organizations and for attending students to learn more about community agencies, and find volunteer, work-study, and internship opportunities. In 2012, the Office of Activities and Engagement welcomed the addition of Registered Student Organizations to the Involvement Fair. Currently, there are over 215 active campus clubs with membership of over 8000 students MSU students!  This event is a great way to educate students about community organizations, registered student organizations and recruit new members or volunteers.

We invite any non-profit 501C(3), governmental organization, Registered Student Organization, or students interested in developing membership for a proposed student organization (not yet registered) to participate.  Participating organizations must be willing to adhere to the MSU Non-Discrimination Policy:

OAE provides

  • Venue with Tables/Chairs
  • Students and peers
  • A Parking Pass for Community Organizations  

Organizations provide:

  • Knowledgeable and energetic tabling staff from 10am-3pm on Thursday, January 27th, 2016 on the Centennial Mall.
  • Information about engagement opportunities for MSU students
  • Sign-in for students interested in becoming involved with your organization
  • Freebies or giveaways

The following student and community organizations participated at the Fall 2015 Involvement Fair:

Alpha Gamma Delta
ASHRAE Student Club
Be the Match On Campus
Big Brothers Big Sisters of Gallatin County
Big Sky Youth Empowerment
Bozeman Citizens' Climate Lobby
Bozeman Congregation of Jehovah's Witnesses
Bozeman Senior Center
Calvary Baptist Church
Chi Alpha Kappa
Children's Museum of Bozeman
Circle K
Club Baseball
Club Sports
Collegiate CattleWomen
Collegiate FFA
Collegiate Young Farmers and Ranchers
Dance Club
Eagle Mount Bozeman
Electrochemical Society
F-Word - Feminist Discussion Group
Forward Montana Foundation
Gallatin County DUI Task Force
Girl Scouts of Montana and Wyoming
Hockey Club of MSU
IHSA Equestrians at Montana State
Institute of Industrial Engineers
International Business Club
International Friendship Club
InterVarsity Christian Fellowship
Jake Jabs College of Business Clubs
Kappa Delta Pi International Honors Society in Education
Lutheran Campus Ministry--MSU Bozeman
Montana Conservation Corps
Montana State Badminton
Montana State University Student Alumni Association
Montana State Women's Rugby Club
MSU College Libertarians
MSU Office of Activities and Engagement
MSU pre-vet club
MT Army National Guard
Peace Corps
Phi Alpha Theta, History Club
Phi Upsilon Omicron
Polo Club of MSU
Pre Law Club at Montana State University
Presby Cats
Queer Straight Alliance
Sigma chi fraternity
Society of Women Engineers at MSU
Solar 4 Everyone
Special Olympics Montana - Big Sky Area
Students for Life at MSU
Sustained Dialogue
Sustained Dialogue/Diversity Awareness Office
Tactical Action Gaming
Technology Education Club
The Community Cafe - A Program of The Human Resource Development Council
The Help Center/Sacks Thrift Store
The Model United Nations Club of Montana State University
The Montana Wilderness Association at MSU
Thrive; Child Advancement Project
Undergraduate Chemistry Society
United States Army Reserve Recruiting
Valley of the Flowers Project/Community Outdoor Recreation Association
Young Americans for Liberty
Zocalo Abroad

Guarantee your success at the Involvement Fair!


  1. HAVE FUN!
  2. Smile, make eye contact, and say a friendly "hello" to everyone that walks up to your table. Engage with anyone who walks up by asking them questions about themselves.
  3. Have a short elevator speech prepared to tell people about your organization or student club. Make sure you make it clear to the students how they can be involved, what it is you have to offer or how they might utilize your services.
  4. Email students who chose to give you their contact information the next day with updates or the additional information you agreed to send to them or just to thank them for coming by your table and letting them know you will be back in touch again soon; you don't want them to forget they met you or loose enthusiasm for your organization
  5. Tidy up the table as you work and replenish materials as they run low. The table should be aesthetically pleasing and interesting.
  6. Identify your organization or student club by hanging a sign, a banner, or with video displays and/or a slide show.
  7. Make sure that any volunteers who are staffing the table have a copy of the talking points, upcoming events, or anything else you want them to know and share with the students. 
  8. Make sure people understand what they are signing up for. If you're signing people up for an e-mail list, make sure people understand they will receive the e-mails from your organization and what the nature of those emails might be.
  9. Have games where students can win prizes and freebies. Everyone loves freebies….


  1. …leave your table unattended.
  2. …just sit behind your table. If possible, stand in front of the table and engage people as they walk by.
  3. …spend your time on your phone or tablet…’re here to interact with students and their families and they are standing right in front of you….
  4. …have materials in unorganized piles. Place fliers in a visible location and bring paper weights in case the wind picks up.
  5. …lose your sense of humor!
  6. …put a blank sign-up sheet on your clipboard. People are hesitant to be the first to sign up. If you only have blank sheets (in other words, if you are starting a new sheet), fill out the first line yourself.
  7. …be pushy with people, but be a resource to them about your organization, program or services offered or any cool things you know about MSU or the Bozeman area community!