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The Club Incentive Program was created to recognize and reward student organizations for their participation in various activities, on and off campus. This program provides opportunities for organizations to earn points from various workshops, leadership trainings, volunteer experiences, and more. Organizations will earn points that will lead to achieving Bobcat, Blue or Gold Levels.

Incentives are based on completion from August 1st, 2018 to April 20th, 2019.

Point totals will be tracked weekly by OSE and posted below under Point Totals.
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Incentive Levels

Bobcat - 50 points earned

Receive recognition on the Student Organization List on the OSE website

Club members receive a Certificate of Membership

30 11x17 inch printed color posters for advertising a club event

Blue - 100 points earned

30 additional 11x17 inch printed color posters for advertising a club event

Grapic designed poster or swag

OSE will share a club-related Facebook post

Club members receive an OSE Professional Development Transcript for completion of Incentive Program workshops

Club entered to win $100 catering gift card (One winner will be drawn in December and one in April)

New!  1000 ChampChange points for all members that have contributed to Blue!

Gold - 150 points earned

60 additional 11x17 inch printed color posters

One large 2x3 foot printed color poster for advertising a club event

OSE window space to display large poster for one week

Club members receive an updated OSE Professional Development Transcript for completion of Incentive Program workshops

2 large pizzas for a club meeting

30-second promo video OR photography of a club event for first two clubs that achieve Gold  (event must be before April 20th)

Choose your club's booth location at Catapalooza!

New!  1500 ChampChange points for all members that have contributed to Gold!



New!  Earn and Redeem ChampChange

The Club Incentive Program and ChampChange are teaming up to give you even more reasons to engage!

Earn ChampChange in three ways:

1. Most Incentive activities now earn participants ChampChange in addition to Incentive Points (see below).

When you report Incentive points, provide participant information. OSE will submit this information to the ChampChange office for you.

2. When your club achieves Blue or Gold, you will have the opportunity to submit a roster of contributing members who will each receive a ChampChange bonus of 1000 (Blue) or 1500 (Gold)!

3. Do you want even more ChampChange? You can add ChampChange to all club meetings and events by submitting an event on the MSU Calendar. Be sure to click on the ChampChange option at the bottom of the form.

Don't want the meeting to be made open to the public? No problem! Just select "this event is private" at the top of the form. Your event will not be advertised but your members can still earn ChampChange.

Click here to submit an event for ChampChange! 

Or, click here to request a ChampChange reader for a large event.

Fine print:

Only undergraduate students qualify for ChampChange at this time.

All ChampChange points must be reported by April 20th.


How to Earn Points

Step One: Schedule or register for the Incentive activity

Step Two: Participate in the activity

Step Three: Report your participation by submitting a Club Incentive Report Form

Step Four: Sit back, relax, and watch your points accumulate!


Incentive Activity How to Participate Points ChampChange
Register your club Register your club here 10*  
Submit all registration materials before September 30th   15 bonus points*  
Club represented at the Student Organization Leadership Conference (at least one member in attendance, excluding advisor) Register for the SOLC here 15* 500 per participant
Participate in Catapalooza

Register for Catapalooza here


Participate in Fall and/or Spring Involvement & Study Abroad Fairs Register for the Involvement Fair here 10 per event*  

Participate in the MSU Friday Extravaganza

Email Anders Groseth to register for MSU Friday 10 500 per participant

OSE Club Training (at least one member in attendance)

Watch Club News for details and registration 10 per event* 500 per participant

10% of club members attend a Safe Zone Training

Visit the Safe Zone website and fill out a Workshop Request Form 20 per event 500 per participant

10% of club members attend one or more Suicide Prevention trainings offered by CPS

Visit the Suicide Prevention website and email Brian Kassar to register for Suicide Prevention trainings 20 per event 500 per participant

10% of club members complete Bystander Intervention Training

Email Amber King of the VOICE Center 20 500 per participant

10% of club members attended a University Police Dept. Presentation 

Visit the UPD website then email Michael Stanley to schedule a UPD Presentation 20 per event 500 per participant

10% of club members completed another type of training event

Schedule any relevant on or off campus training  20 per event, one event per semester 500 per participant

Advertise club meetings and events either by posting flyers or submitting an event to the MSU Calendar

Advertise your event  2 per event  

Club represented at an MSU or off campus volunteering event

Schedule a volunteering event

Check our website for volunteering opportunities through our office

 5 per member (minimum of 3 members present) 500  per participant

Club completes an on-campus fundraising event

Check our website for on-campus fundraising opportunities  5 per event  


After you participate in an Incentive activity, be sure to submit a Club Incentive Report Form.

* Points for these activities will automatically be added; no need to submit a Club Incentive Report Form!  


Point Totals 

Points don't seem accurate? Email