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Funded Organizations FAQ's

When do we need to spend the money by?

You have until June of the fiscal year you were allocated money in.  For example, if you were allocated money in November 2016, you have until June 2017 to spend the money.  Check with the Office of Student Engagement on the specific date in June, as this changes annually.

What if you we are allocated money and then our event is cancelled or something changes?

Please contact OSE to consult. If it is a small change, the OSE may be able to look at your budget and approve.  If it is a significant change in your budget, it will need to go back to the Funding Board.  You are not able to receive more money after your original allocation.

How do we check our balance?

Please have a mechanism to track your expenses, or you can contact us and we can let you know. You can use the Budget Tracker Template in the list of documents above.

What if we go over budget?

Plan ahead!  Your group is responsible for any expenses incurred over your allocated amount.

What if we don’t spend all our money?

Notify us if you don’t plan on spending all and we can re-allocate to another club.

Who can purchase items?

Prefer club leadership or advisor.

Can we apply for more funding?

If you were allocated either Mass or Rolling Funding, you are not able to apply again this academic year.  You will be eligible to apply for Mass Funding in the spring.

How do we turn in receipts?

Bring all receipts and paperwork to our main office, 222 SUB, anytime between 8am-5pm, Monday through Friday.  Allot time to fill out necessary paperwork.

Can I be reimbursed if I purchase things on my credit card?

Yes!  We just need itemized receipts.