Student Organization Funding

The Office of Activities & Engagement (OAE) in conjunction with the Student Organization Funding Board (SOFB) distributes funds collected by the Student Organization Fee to registered student organizations for the purpose of supporting programs, projects, and events that help the organizations succeed in meeting their goals and foster positive student development.

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Mass FundingRolling FundingMatch Funding

Announcements :

  • Catapalooza Special Funding is OPEN!  CLICK HERE to learn more!
  • Rolling & Matching Funding availability will be announced within the first few weeks of the fall semester.

Funding Board At-Large Positions Open for 2015-2016

  • Now accepting applications for the open At-Large positions for the Registered Student Organization Funding Board.  CLICK HERE for position description and how to apply.


  • Clubs who plan to apply for Rolling Funding can now apply a maximum of twice in an academic year.  For example, you can ask for $300 in November and then $700 in March.  Cannot exceed $1,000 total over the year.  Clubs can still apply for the full $1,000 in one application if they wish. 

General information regarding Registered Student Organization Funding :

  • Every student pays $6.45/semester as part of their student fees.  This goes into the Student Organization Fee which is comprised of two pots of money, Mass Funding and Rolling Funding.
  • Your student organization MUST be currently registered as a student organization with the Office of Activities and Engagement BEFORE you submit your funding application.  This is an annual registration process.  If your group has not registered yet this academic year, find an application HERE
  • If money is remaining at the end of the fiscal year, a Matching Fund may be established.

Types of Funding


Mass Rolling Matching
Total Money Available in 2014-2015




How divided



Remaining from Previous Year
Application Deadline

March of every year

Weekly deadline during academic year

Weekly deadline during academic year

Maximum Request Amount

No maximum, $1,000 minimum

$1,000 Maximum

Up to $500, must commit to raise $500

How often Apply

Once in the spring

Maximum of twice in an academic year. (i.e. you can ask for $300 in November and then $700 in March).  Cannot exceed $1,000 total over the year.

Once during the academic year.

When use money

Use in the NEXT academic year it was allocated. (i.e. if you are allocated money in the spring of 2013, you can start spending that money July 1, 2013)

Use within the academic year it was allocated. (i.e. if you were allocated money in Oct., 2013 you have until June 20th, 2014 to spend)

Same as Rolling

Eligibility to apply
  • Must be a current registered student organization
  • Have received funding in the past.
  • Must be a current registered student organization
  • NOT received Mass funding the previous spring.
  • Must be a current registered student organization
  • Clubs who currently have funding (Mass or Rolling) are eligible to apply however having those funding sources is NOT a prerequisite to apply.


2014-2015 Funding Policies

Student Organization Funding Board :

The Student Organization Funding Board is the governing body of the Student Organization Fee and makes all funding decisions.

Chair:  Billy Dove, ASMSU Senate VP
Members: Julie Spika (Student at Large), Zach Findley (Student at Large), Dylan Erwin (ASMSU Senator), Josh Soares (ASMSU Senator), Allie Dove (ASMSU Senator)
Staff Advisor: Mandy St. Aubyn
Funding Assistant: Katrina Wilhelm

Documents :

Common Campus Expenses Document

Enterprise Vehicle Rates: HERE. 
*Please NOTE: The list of vehicle prices include 12-passenger vans, HOWEVER, MSU students are not allowed to travel in vehicles larger than 10-passenger.

Tips & Tricks

  • Please download this helpful handout on good vs. bad budgets!
  • It is highly recommended your club plans well in advance and have time to send your application to the Office of Activities & Engagement for review before final submission.  You can email your application to Mandy at   The OAE is your resource, use them!
  • DO NOT GUESS on your budgets! Please call vendors, businesses or on-campus offices to acquire estimates. Do your research!  We have a Common Campus Expenses document to help you save time and energy.
  • Be thorough and have others look over your document. The Funding Board wants quality applications and an incomplete application will hinder your chances of receiving funding.
  • To help you brainstorm, below are typical account categories and types of expense:
    Expenditure Account Categories
    Professional Services – Contracts with recognized professionals such as lawyers, doctors, consultants, independent contractors, athletic officials, etc. - including travel, meals, and lodging for these professionals.
    Security – When required to hire security for event management.
    Educational Supplies - Any supplies, materials, or meals relating to the education of students.  This may include meals during meetings with guest speakers or supplies for club projects that promote specific areas of study for students.
    Tools & Equipment – Any tools or equipment purchased for the student organization costing less than $1,000.00.
    General Supplies – Any non-program specific materials or supplies for club programs (may include fundraising), also includes uniforms, office supplies, etc.
    Printing – Posters and printing at Copy Cats.
    Postage & Mailing – Includes Federal Express, and UPS.
    Advertising – Expenses for marketing and advertising events and/or recruiting.  Includes all forms of advertising; such as, radio, and online.  
    Travel – In-state or out-of-state travel expenses for students; including hotel, gas, meals, and flight expenses.
    Equipment Rental – Any rented tools or equipment to be used for organization’s events or programs.
    Building Rent – Any expenses for property rental; including University property, and sports arenas/fields.  
    Dues – Includes all expenses for membership in organizations, associations, and societies.
    Registration Fees – All registration costs to attend a conference, meeting, or competition.
    Entertainment – Any costs relating to recreational events for students and the student organization.  This may include retreats, dinners, materials and supplies, and services for the event.

Funding FAQ's

Does my club qualify for Mass Funding?
If your answer is yes to the following, then you qualify:

  • Current registered student organization
  • Have received funding (either Rolling or Mass) in the past (if you are unsure, contact OAE)

Does my club qualify for Rolling Funding?
If your answer is yes to the following, then you qualify:

  • Current registered student organization
  • Did not receive Mass funding this past spring
  • Have not received Rolling funding yet this academic year

Does my club qualify for Match Funding?
If your answer is yes to the following, then you qualify:

  • Current registered student organization
  • Have plans to secure at least $500 in donations or raised through fundraising.

Who decides which clubs receive money?
The Registered Student Organization Funding Board decides which clubs receive money.  This board is comprised of 3 ASMSU Senators and 2 students at large.  The ASMSU Senate VP chairs the board and a staff member from OAE serves as advisor.

How much money can we request?
You may request UP TO $1,000 for Rolling Funding.  Mass Funding doesn’t have a maximum, you just must request more than $1,000. Matching is up to $500.

What types of things can we ask for?
Please review the Funding Policies document to review what you may and may not request funds for.

Can we ask for money for food?
Clubs can apply for UP TO $75 on food at general club meetings. This excludes events, fundraisers, etc.

Where does the student organization money come from?
Every student pays $6.45/semester as part of their student fees. This goes into the Student Organization Fee which is comprised of two pots of money, Mass Funding and Rolling Funding. Matching fund comes from any money leftover from the previous year.

What if we don’t get our application in by the weekly deadline?
If you miss the Mass Funding deadline (only one date set in the spring), you will need to wait until the next spring to apply.  Rolling and Matching funding will have a weekly deadline throughout the academic year.  If you miss the weekly deadline for Rolling or Matching Funding, get your application in by the next week.  Reminder you must get your application in AT LEAST 2 weeks before your funding need.

My club was allocated money, now what?
You will need to meet with an OAE representative to learn how to spend your money.  Contact  We also have a page with resources for clubs who have received funding. Please bookmark for your reference!