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Effective Date: August 10th, 2015
Review & Update: July 2016

Table of Contents

Introduction & Purpose

The purpose of student organizations at Montana State University-Bozeman is to provide opportunities for the enhancement of academic, cultural, social and recreational aspects of student life through participation in group programs and activities. Registered Student Organizations (RSO) are an integral part of campus life and provide meaninful engagement and leadership opportunities for students at MSU.

Office of Student Engagement

The Office of Student Engagement (OSE) facilitates and supports student engagement both on campus and in the community. We encourage student leadership development by supporting the formation and sustainable success of student clubs and organizations, providing group leadership development skills, and promoting service experiences in the Bozeman area community.

How we can help you:
Staff are available to help with anything club related!  If we don’t know the answer, we will find someone who does!  Things such as:

  • Registering your student organization
  • Starting a new club
  • Club Funding
  • Forming a constitution
  • Club management
  • Event and program planning
  • Club Travel policies and procedures
  • Collaborating with other clubs
  • Running Effective Meetings
  • Conflict management
    …and much more!               

OSE will provide trainings throughout the year (many on the topics listed above), please check the website for dates, times and topics. 
Online resources:  
Check out the great resources on our website!  Know what is going on in our office and find some useful information!  If there is a resource you are looking for, but can’t find, please contact us and we will work to include it.  If you are asking the question, chances are many other clubs are too!

How to get in touch with us
Office of Student Engagement
221/222 Strand Union Building (Right across from the Ask-Us Desk)
P 406.994.6902
F 406.994.6889

Communication from OSE
OSE will communicate with your organization via the club email listserv.  The email you provide in your application will be added to the list.  It is the organizations’ responsibility to stay up to date on these emails and respond as necessary.  Your organization advisor will also be added to an advisor listserv.

General Information

What is a Student Organization?
A student organization is a group of at least ten people (80% must be current MSU-Bozeman students) joined together for a common cause or activity. Club Sports must have 100% student membership.

Annual Registration Process
Groups that want to be recognized as an official Registered Student Organizatino (RSO) at MSU, which will further be referred to as an RSO, must complete the registration process once per academic year.  Groups can complete registration in any order and in a time frame convenient for the club.  However, to ensure a smooth registration and no lapse in recognition from year to year, we recommend completing the registration process by September 30th each year per the steps outlined below.

Recognition Criteria
In order for the OSE Office to register a student group, the following minimum standards must be met:
1.  Have a clearly defined purpose/mission. 
2.  Submit an updated and complete registration application (this form) annually (RSO status is good until Sept. 30 of the following academic year). Completion of the application does not guarantee registration approval. 
3.  All executive positions (President ,VP, etc.) must be held by currently enrolled MSU-Bozeman students.  No non-students can hold these positions.
4. Minimum of 10 members is required, 80% of your overall membership MUST be currently enrolled students of MSU-Bozeman.  Please note, however, that if your group is a club sport, 100% of your members must be registered, fee-paying students. Please contact Campus Recreation at 994-6313 for more information.
5.  Your organization must have a designated staff or faculty advisor who is employed by MSU at least part-time.
6.  The group may not exist to make a profit of any kind.
7.  Comply with University policies and regulations pertaining to organizations, including contents of the RSO Manual.

How to Become a Registered Student Organization
1. Submit a completed RSO application form found at:
2. Please allow up to 3 working days for the OSE office to process and approve the registration. OSE will send an RSO confirmation email to the listed president that your group is registered and also attach an official “RSO Letter” that you can use as proof of registration.  Your RSO Letter is your group’s "identification" for free room use in the Strand Union (as long as your group is NOT charging an entry fee or taking up donations or dues on a regular basis), court and field reservations for athletic organizations, and advertising space.
3. Visit: to see your RSO listed!

New Student Organizations
If you do not have the minimum of 10 members to start (or re-start an inactive group) a new student organization, OSE can help!  Visit our page dedicated to new clubs.

Benefits of Being Recognized

  • Free use of University meeting rooms and facilities (certain areas and types of events may have rental fees).
  • Free use of SUB mailbox (based on availability).
  • Free use of club locker space (based on availability).
  • Inclusion on the RSO list on the OSE website to allow others to view your club information.
  • Inclusion on the RSO listserv hosted by OSE.
  • Ability to participate in the bi-annual Involvement Fair to recruit members.
  • Use of the Office of Activities and Engagement flyer posting service.
  • Access to training and leadership development by OSE.
  • Eligibility to apply for student organization funding (available through the student activity fee) through OSE and the RSO Funding Board.
  • Use of SUB advertising space:  Includes banners, posters, table tents, and information tables. All of these items must be reserved through Conference Services.
  • Use of the OSE SUB Union Marketplace TV advertising space.
  • Support from OSE staff for event planning, club travel, organization management and more!

Classifications of Student Organizations at MSU
OAE uses a classification system to assist students in finding organizations of interest.  Organizations self select their classification.  Please note the classification of student organizations is used only to assist others in finding organizations and does not define the sole purpose of the organization.

  • Club Sport:  An organization whose purpose is to encourage participation and engage its members in competitive, extramural sports.
  • Cultural:  An organization whose membership is to provide social and cultural awareness of various groups or to serve as a social support for international students (e.g. Chinese Culture Club).
  • Departmental:  An organization representing a specific academic area or college (e.g. Engineering Club).
  • Fraternity: A social, fraternal organization composed of all male members.  An organization in this classification must be a member of Interfraternity Council
  • Honorary:  An organization whose membership is based on academic achievements
  • Military:  An organization whose membership is based on associations with the U.S. military (e.g. Veteran Student Association)
  • Professional/Career:  An organization representing a specific profession or career (e.g. Business Club).
  • Recreational:  An organization whose main purpose is to provide a space for recreational activities such as dance, hula-hooping, etc. (e.g.  Salsa Club).
  • Religious/Spiritual:  An organization whose purpose is religious instruction and fellowship
  • Self-Help:  An organization who strives to provide support or a shared interest in the areas of mental or physical health, addictions or other issues that may impact an individual
  • Service:  An organization whose chief function is to provide community service to the community.
  • Social/Political:  An organization associated with a political party,  advancing a political candidate or addressing any social issue (e.g. College Democrats or Students for Progress)
  • Sorority:  A social, fraternal organization composed of all female members.  An organization in this classification must be a member of Panhellenic
  • Special Interest:  An organization whose purpose is to provide an opportunity for individuals to discuss and share information and/or participate in activities regarding a specific, non-academic related topic of interest (e.g. Book Club, Cribbage Club).  You may also classify your group as this if you don’t fit into any of the other categories.
  • Student Government:  Associated Students of Montana State University (ASMSU)

Student Organization Responsibilities

The purpose of registered student organizations at MSU is to compliment and add value to student academics and to enhance the overall educational experience of students.  Registration of an organization does not constitute the University’s intention or responsibility to sponsor, endorse, or otherwise support particular Student Organizations.  Consequently, the fact that a Student Organization has access to University facilities should not be construed, nor may a particular Student Organization represent, that Montana State University sponsors, endorses, or otherwise supports the organization or any of its views, philosophies, or activities.

Campus Student Organizations, including social sororities and fraternities, and residence hall organizations, must comply with the criteria listed below to be eligible to use facilities at Montana State University-Bozeman under applicable regulations.

With the understanding that Montana State University is committed to a philosophy of non-discrimination under guidelines including, but not limited to, the Civil Rights Act, '504, Title IX, and the Montana Human Rights Act, and to the opportunity for individuals to assemble and associate under the First Amendment, the following guidelines will be followed by registered student organizations:

  1. Are aware of University regulations and policies (available at regarding student organizations and the use of facilities at MSU, and comply with these stated regulations and policies. This includes complying with all alcohol, non-discrimination and facilities use policies.
  2. Agree to read and abide by the policies in the Registered Student Organization Manual (this document) published by OSE.
  3. Agree to show sponsorship (example: “This event sponsored by student organization name”) on ALL publicity (posters, flyers, table tents, newspaper ads, Ask-Us announcements, the runner board, radio and/or TV commercials, etc.) for each event sponsored by our student organization.  Becoming a registered student organization does NOT indicate or imply sponsorship by OSE.
  4. Agree to uphold the policy that 80% of your student organization membership MUST be currently enrolled students at MSU-Bozeman and ONLY students can hold officer positions. Club Sports must be 100% students.
  5. Agree your organization does not deny membership, voting rights and officer positions on the basis of race, color, religion, national origin, gender, age, disability, citizenship, veteran status, sexual orientation, gender identity or gender expression except an organization may restrict membership based on the provisions of Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972, such as fraternities and sororities, in regard to gender, for membership criteria.
  6. Club Sports: 
    1. Understand that schools can maintain separate teams for members of each sex if selection for teams is based on competitive skills or if the sport in question involves physical contact.  Contact sports are considered to be boxing, wrestling, rugby, ice hockey, football, basketball, and other sports involving bodily contact. However, if opportunities to participate in sports activities have previously been denied to one sex, members of that sex must be allowed to try out for whichever team is the only one offering the activity.
    2.  Membership must be 100% students.
  7. Agree to notify OSE of any student organization travel and abide by the Student Travel Policy found here: as well as the process published by OSE found HERE regarding student organization travel.
  9. Submit all revisions, such as alterations to organizational name or purpose, change in leadership or advisor, to the Office of Activities and Engagement in a timely fashion.
  10. Comply with specific written requests from the Office of Activities and Engagement for evidence necessary to authenticate the information on file there.
  11. Understand that with any activity there are inherent risks and organizations are responsible for managing this risk in a reasonable manner.
  12. Present your group’s registration letter whenever reserving University meeting space.  Each Student Organization will receive a signed recognition letter upon completion and approval of the registration process. 
  13. Club funds are to be deposited and managed in a club bank account or university department. Club funds may only be used by club leaders and advisors to further the mission of the club and are not to be used for personal purposes. Alleged violations of any of the aforementioned policy may result in your student organization or individual leaders/members being reported to the Dean of Students’ office and/or MSU Campus Police.
  14. Do not seek to accomplish organization objectives, goals, purposes or activities through the use of violence.
  15. Agree to not engage in activities that present a danger to property, personnel, students, community members and/or orderly function of the university.
  16. Agree to comply with federal or state laws, and university policies.
  17. Must not engage in activities that interfere with the normal activities of the university or with the rights of others.

Policy Compliance
Please note, being a registered student organization is considered a privilege, not a right, as are any and all benefits associated with being a registered student organization.  If policies and procedures are not followed, or if there are difficulties which arise as a result of the activities, statements, or actions of the organization and/or any of its members, OSE reserves the right to place that student organization on probation for a minimum of one year.  Furthermore, OSE reserves the right to refuse funding to any registered group which applies if that group is not in compliance with these policies.  Group recognition as a student organization depends not only on initial compliance with the foregoing requirements, but also on continued compliance. Eligible organizations are permitted to register and maintain registration unless the university finds that the organization has failed to meet any of the listed policies/responsibilities stated above.

Probation Process
If the OSE becomes aware of an organization that does not meet any of the above qualifiers, they will:

  1. Notify the club leadership AND advisor of the infraction via email.  Depending upon the severity, a meeting may be necessary to address the issue. 
  2. The student organization has up to 10 business days (unless an immediate threat to others or property, immediate change is needed) to take corrective steps and comply with the stated policy.
  3. If the student organization does not meet the deadline to comply, their registration status will go into probation status for up to one calendar year.  All privileges of the registered student organizations will be revoked.
  4. Depending on the severity of the infraction, our office will report the incident to the MSU Dean of Students office.
  5. Denial of access shall remain in effect until the organization has provided adequate assurance and evidence that it is in full compliance with the above requirements.
  6. Any infraction of policy will result in a warning in the organization file.  Three warnings in one academic year constitute revoking of RSO status for that year, regardless if the organization took corrective steps.

Advisor Responsibilities

The Office of Student Engagement requires each RSO to have a faculty or staff advisor who is employed at least half-time by the University.  Student Organization Advisors play a vital role in assuring that the organization experiences are meaningful to students.  Student Organization advisors also play a crucial role in managing institutional risk and liability.  Consistently, the most successful organizations are those in which the Advisor takes an active interest and plays an active role in the group.

A Student Organization Advisor is a resource for the organization and can offer support and guidance in several broad areas:

  • Helping with the growth and development of students within the organization
  • Serving as a source of information and continuity to the organization as members transition
  • Serving as a liaison between the University and the organization
  • Advising the organization regarding program/event content and purpose      

As an advisor you agree (all advisors agreed upon signing the Registered Student Organization application):

  1. I am a full or part-time faculty or staff member at Montana State University-Bozeman and I will notify the student organization immediately if my employment status changes.
  2. I have read and understand the Registered Student Organization policies and manual found HERE.
  3. I will assist the student organization in developing realistic goals for the academic year in order to contribute to the educational and personal development of the students involved.
  4. I am familiar with the student organizations' constitution and all other governing documents to allow me to advise effectively.
  5. I will attend executive officer, general meetings, and organization events as often as possible.
  6. I will assist the organization in keeping their financial and organizational records current and accurate.
  7. I will assist in the orientation of new members and with the leadership transition process each year.
  8. I will be available to answer policy-related questions and to guide the group and its officers to follow established policies and protocols.
  9. I will encourage opportunities within the organization that will contribute to the students’ development and education.
  10. I will read and incorporate informational email updates from the Office of Activities and Engagement regarding the role of an advisor.
  11. I will be well informed of all plans and activities of the organization, and attend formal activities as often as possible.
  12. I will assist the organization in managing risk and liability, on- and off-campus.
  13. I will serve as a Campus Security Authority (CSA) as defined in the Clery Act. As a CSA, I will annually complete and submit a campus safety and crime reporting log to the Office of Activities & Engagement. [Information will be emailed to you regarding this responsibility.]
  14. I have taken the online Title IX Training, required of all MSU employees.                                          

Listed below are different roles which, at one time or another, may be filled by an advisor.  Find an advisor who meets the needs of your group.

An advisor should:

  • Be well informed of all plans and activities of the organization, and attend formal activities, as available.
  • Assist the organization in managing risk and liability, on- and off-campus.
  • Assist the organization in keeping their financial and organizational records current, and be aware of the expenditure of student time, abilities, duties, and finances within the program.
  • Assist in the orientation of new members and with the leadership transition process each year.
  • Answer policy-related questions, guide the group and its officers to follow established policies and protocols, and explain the consequences for choosing to operate outside of these parameters.
  • Assist the student organization in developing realistic goals for the academic year. This will contribute to the educational and personal development of the students involved.
  • Be familiar with the student organization’s constitution and all other governing documents.
  • Attend executive officer, general meetings, and organization events when possible.
  • Be a student advocate
  • Be an educator/trainer of organizational skills and leadership (i.e. ensure training happens, workshops, etc.)
  • Be a liaison between the RSO and the University
  • Be a sounding board
  • Be a source of continuity between years
  • Be informed of issues that affect the group
  • Double-check event/program details and provide programming advice (i.e. legal issues, contract negotiation, etc.)
  • Be well informed of all plans and activities of the group
  • Frequently consult with the organization officers

Use of University Name and Logos by Registered Student Organizations

The Montana State University (MSU) name, logos, and team name ("Bobcats") and logos are registered and protected trademarks of Montana State University which may not be used without the express permission of Montana State University. This policy helps to ensure immediate recognition, the maintenance of appropriateness, and the prevention of commercial use without compensation to the University.

To view the full policy, CLICK HERE

Advertising Policies

Office of Student Engagement Poster Policy

Fall 2015 Weekly Deadline: Tuesdays at 4pm, drop off in 222 SUB.  Bring 65 posters.

  1.  All Registered Student Organizations have access to the free poster delivery service through the Office of Student Engagement.  To ensure distribution, the Student Organization must:
  • Include this information on all posters.  If this information is not shown on posters, we will not distribute them.
    • Name of group that is sponsoring the event, i.e. “Sponsored by the Recycling Club.”
    • Contact information of group (phone or email minimum, website if available)
    • What the event is and reason/description
    • Time of event or program
    • Date of event or program
  • Events with alcohol or at establishments that serve alcohol:
    • In order to post in the residence halls, your event must not mention alcohol nor be held at an establishment that serves alcohol.
    • Events where alcohol is served must include a responsible or non-use message (i.e., "IF YOU DRINK, DON’T DRIVE").
  • To avoid your organization printing posters that do not meet the requirements, please submit an original for us to approve FIRST, then make the copies.
  • Club must make own copies. OSE is not responsible for printing costs.
  • Posters must not be larger than 11” x 17”.
  • Submit the correct number of posters (65 total):
    • 45 for all academic buildings and SUB
    • 20 for the Residence Halls (Please note Residence Life has their own poster policies. View HERE.)
  • Submit the posters by the set deadline to OSE (Fall 2015 Deadline:  Tuesdays at 4pm).
    • Bring to 222 SUB.
    • Posters must be submitted by the deadline in order to be distributed that week.
    • We must have the posters two weeks before the advertised event.
    • We WILL NOT distribute posters in the same week in which the event is to be held.
  • Advertise appropriately:
    • Avoid lewd, sexually explicit or obscene advertising as stated in MSU Policies and Procedures.
    • Advertising of drinking games is prohibited as stated in MSU Policies and Procedures.
    • Reference to alcohol in advertising to be distributed on-campus must not dominate the space of the event advertised and should be accompanied by a non-use message such as “Know when to say when.”
    • The acceptance of the poster is at the discretion of the Office of Activities and Engagement. 
  1. We only distribute posters for currently Registered Student Organizations, except as noted under section “C” below.
  1. “Exceptions to the Rules”
    1. If a student would like to start a group and does not have the minimum of 10 members to start (or re-start an inactive group) a new student organization, OSE will make 60 copies of a flyer (must be made by student) and distribute.  This will only be done one time by OSE per academic year.
  1. Please see Event and Program Planning resources on the OSE website for further guidance on flyers, such as where to have them printed, tips to catch attention, etc.

Digital Signage 

The OSE secured space in the SUB Union Marketplace for digital signage (TV). This space will be reserved for OSE events/programs and REGISTERED Student Organizations.  Keep in mind the following policies:

  • JPEG or PNG only files will be accepted. Landscape ONLY!
  • Minimum dimensions:  1600 x 725 px
  • Submissions can be submitted by filling out this FORM.
  • Submission does not guarantee approval.  Approval is at the sole discretion of the OSE.
  • If approved, please allow three working days for the OSE to include the submission in the signage rotation.
  • Submissions making any mention of, or inference to alcohol, drugs, or tobacco either implied or explicit, will not be approved.
  • Posters which contain nudity, foul language, or a message degrading to others, either implicitly or explicitly, based on race, gender, religion, disability, gender identity or sexual orientation or otherwise in violation of the University non-discrimination policies will not be approved.
  • Submissions will remain on the digital display for a maximum of 7 days or 1 day after the event.
  • Submissions for reoccurring events and meetings can only be submitted once a semester.


SUB Mailbox Policy

Mailboxes are available for your Registered Student Organization (RSO) to utilize.  These mailboxes are located on the basement floor of the SUB, in the hallway by the Financial Aid entrance and by the door to the Leadership Institute.  They are managed by the Office of Student Engagement. The proper mailing address for the RSOs is as follows:

RSO Name
RSO SUB Box Number
C/O Office of Activities and Engagement
PO Box 170545
Bozeman, MT 59717-0545


  • Mailboxes will be assigned on an academic year-basis and can be requested during the RSO registration process.
  • Newly approved organizations may request a mailbox, however, there are a limited number of mailboxes.  A mailbox request will be granted dependent on availability.
  • RSOs must re-apply (via the RSO registration process) by September 30 each year if you wish to retain your current mailbox.
  • RSO mail must be checked weekly.
  • For RSO’s who receive funding, all reimbursement checks will be placed into the corresponding mailbox.  The OSE will not be responsible for lost or stolen money.
  • OSE staff cannot be held responsible for misdirected mail that is not properly addressed to an RSO.
  • Any incoming mail should be properly addressed to the RSO or be in care of the organization (see example above).
  • If it comes to our attention that your RSO mailbox is not being checked and emptied regularly, OAE will give your organization one warning.  If it continues to happen, OSE reserves the right to revoke your SUB mailbox privileges.

Club Locker Policy

The Office of Student Engagement (OSE) manages 30 lockers on the third floor landing on the north side of the SUB as well as 18 lockers on the east side thirst floor landing for Registered Student Organizations (RSO).

Policies & Guidelines

  • RSO Locker space shall be used for RSO-related items/business only.  No personal use by individual club members.  If your organization wishes to share with another club, you must notify OSE of the other occupant.
  • Combination locks will be provided to each club assigned a locker.  Clubs must use the lock assigned and not replace with another lock nor may they add additional locks.  The combination will be given upon assignment of locker space.  If a combination is forgotten, only club leaders and/or advisor will be eligible to request the combination from OSE.  If a lock is malfunctioning, please contact OSE immediately.
  • Hazardous or flammable materials may not be stored in the lockers.
  • Under no circumstances may a group sublet their locker to another group.  If your organization no longer wishes to use your space, the OSE will maintain a waiting list to reassign that locker space.
  • Storage spaces will not be over-filled and must be able to freely close.
  • No items may be stored on top of or beside lockers.  If items are left in these locations, they will be turned into the SUB Lost and Found.
  • No perishables shall be stored in storage spaces.
  • You may not place or attach anything to the outside of the locker.
  • Your organization will be financially responsible for any damages determined not to be the result of wear from regular and appropriate usage of the locker.
  • The SUB and OSE are not responsible for damage or loss of property. Please keep your storage space locked and only give the combination to trusted individuals within your club.
  • If your student organization is placed on probation with OSE for any reason, your locker space privilege will also be revoked.

Building Hours
Please check the SUB website: for building hours to access your locker space.

Consequences for Misuse

  • If the OSE suspects or receives a report your organization is either not using the locker space (excluding summer break) or using it inappropriately, they reserve the right to enter the locker.  They will first attempt to give notice to your club. 
  • Locker assignments are subject to termination at any time by reason of improper use as outlined above. Groups not actively using their locker will lose their space.

Event Policy

Registered Student Organizations are encouraged to plan events and programs throughout the year to engage the campus and community in their mission.  With any event, comes inherent risk and liability.  Montana State University-Bozeman is not responsible for bodily injury or personal property of students, faculty, staff and/or others who participate in activities sponsored by faculty/staff and/or student clubs, organizations, fraternities, or sororities.  Students, faculty and staff who engage in these activities do so at their own risk and should assure that they have the appropriate disability and/or health insurance, training, and protective equipment, where applicable.

Please download the Event Planning Guide found on the Resources Page.

INSURING OFF-CAMPUS PROGRAMS                                                                                                                    

If your organization plans to sponsor an off-campus event, and the off-campus facility to be used requests event insurance, your Student Organization may qualify for coverage under the University’s liability and property insurance coverage.  In order to qualify for this coverage, your Student Organization must be registered with OSE. 

In order to obtain coverage for your off-campus event or program, your Student Organization Advisor will need to submit a Certificate of Insurance Request Format least ten days prior to the event. Questions with regard to insurance coverage may be directed to the MSU Safety & Risk Management office at 994-6888 or A copy of the issued certificate of insurance will be sent to the Advisor and the Office of Activities and Engagement. It will be your responsibility to forward the issued certificate to the certificate holder (facility owner, etc.).

Student Organization Travel

University Student Travel Policies can be found HERE. Registered Student Organizations are upheld to these policies.

OSE has a page dedicated to club travel, please view HERE.

Facility Use Policy

Registered Student Organizations have the privilege of utilizing campus space to conduct meetings and hold events.  Please treat all space with respect and follow all policies set forth by each campus unit who manages the space.  Misuse of space or not following policy can result in revoking of space privileges AND revoking of registered student organization status. The following are possible spaces and how to reserve:

Strand Union Building (SUB):
Conference Services, 211 SUB, 994-3081,
*Please see policies included in this manual regarding SUB space.

Academic Classrooms, Romney Gym & Romney Dance Studio:
MSU Registrars Office, 101 Montana Hall, 994-2601
Fill out form:

Outdoor Spaces:
Fill out online outdoor program request HERE.
Contact:  Office of Activities & Engagement, 222 SUB, 994-6902 

  • Hannon Lawn
  • Lewis and Clark Field
  • Quads
  • Romney Flagpole Area
  • SUB Mall (area outside Bookstore entrance of SUB)
  • Centennial Mall
  • SUB Patio


Other Venues:
Contact:  James Sheperd, ASMSU Recreational Sports & Fitness,
If using campus athletic facilities, membership must be 100% students.  If non-students participate, those individuals must purchase a Special Use Pass through Intramurals.

Marga Hosaeus Fitness Center

  • South Gymnasium
  • North Gymnasium
  • Group Fitness Room # 1
  • Group Fitness Room # 2
  • Group Fitness Room # 3/ Martial Arts Room/Indoor Tennis Court
  • Pool
  • Shroyer Gymnasium
  • Shroyer Running Track
  • Climbing Wall
  • Shroyer Locker Rooms
  • HFC Locker Rooms
  • Cardio/Circuit/Weight Area
  • Racquetball Courts

Outdoor Facilities

  • 7th & Kagy Fields
  • Lambert & Roskie Fields
  • Gatton Field
  • Outdoor Tennis Courts
  • Tennis Facility
  • Track and Field Complex

Strand Union Policies

All spaces in the Strand Union Building (SUB) are managed and reserved through Conference & Event Services, SUB 211, 994-3081, .  The full Strand Union Policies can be found here:

  • No room rental fees shall be charged to Registered Student Organizations provided these groups do not charge admission or assess fees for the events. When admissions, assessments, or fees exist, even if they are meant just to cover costs, a rental fee may be assessed. For catered events, a set-up/tear-down/custodial (STC) fee may be charged in lieu of room rental.  ASMSU committee functions as well as events considered to be student recruitment may be exempted from charges.
  • Groups will be allowed to make reservations on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • All building users are encouraged to anticipate room needs well in advance of their event and are further encouraged to make definite room reservations for legitimate room needs as far in advance as policies allow. Every effort will be made to explore all alternatives with conflicting groups.
  • Regular room reservations will be accepted for the current academic calendar year. Reservations for the following academic year (which includes the Fall, Spring and following Summer sessions) are taken beginning on April 1st.  For example, beginning April 1st 2013, reservations were accepted for Fall 2013, Spring 2014 and Summer 2014.  Exceptions are granted for the specific annual events, including but not limited to:  Commencement, Orientations and MSU Friday. Requests for consideration for exception should be made, in writing, to Conference & Event Services. These requests will be reviewed by the Strand Union Director and/or Conference & Event Services Director. Exceptions will be reviewed for only one calendar year in advance. It is the responsibility of all user groups to be aware of this policy and to make their reservations early enough to avoid the disappointment of finding the preferred dates have been taken.
  • Room rental privileges may be denied, for one academic year, to Registered Student Organizations who abuse the above policy and make long-term room reservations (beyond one academic semester) in bad faith for the purpose of holding the room without having a planned event scheduled.
  • When room use is obviously being sponsored by an organization for purposes of avoiding room rental rate, the organization will be charged the full rental charge. Generally, the sponsored event must have some relationship to the organization's stated purpose. Organization members must be directly involved in the planning and direction of the event and in attendance at the event in order to be exempted from room rental charges.
  • Cancellation of Room Reservations:
    • Due to the heavy use of the Strand Union Building and the many requests for reservations, it is important that meeting room space be managed as efficiently as possible for maximum usage with the number of cancellations and no-shows kept to an absolute minimum.   All cancellations must be in writing, preferably by electronic correspondence and made through the Conference & Event Services Office.    All groups and organizations will be charged a cancellation fee for failing to comply unless the user can show that the cause of the late cancellation was for reasons beyond the user’s control.
  • Small meeting rooms (230, 232,234,236, and Union Market North and South) require a notice of 24 hours for cancellation with no penalty.  All groups who fail to comply will be charged a cancellation fee.
  • Medium size meeting rooms (168, 233, 235, Procrastinator Theater, Single Ballroom Sections):  Require a notice of ten days for cancellation with no penalty.  All groups who fail to comply will be charged a cancellation fee.
  • Ballroom (two or more of the ballroom sections):  Require a minimum thirty days notice for cancellation without penalty.  All groups who fail to comply will be charged a cancellation fee.
  • Five or more cancellations and/or two or more no-shows within one academic year may result in the loss of room privileges for the remainder of the academic year as well as the following academic year.
  • Challenge for space:  A Strand Union space which is “Tentatively reserved” may be challenged by a group with a viable offer on the tentatively held space.  At the time a “Tentatively Reserved” space is challenged, the group with the “Tentative Reservation” must either confirm or release the room.  If the group that ultimately “Holds” the space fails to utilize the space, they will be charged a cancellation fee equal to the full rental rate for that space.
  • The Union does not permit outside food to be brought into the building by groups (this includes pre-purchased food from grocery stores or take-out from local restaurants).  An exception to this rule allows for Registered Student Organizations meeting in the SUB after 5:00pm with a gathering of less than 40 people.  Groups are encouraged to utilize existing food venues after hours.  However, these groups may order food from outside venues.  Groups with an anticipated attendance of greater than 40 people are required to utilize University Food Service/Catering Services (see “University Food Service Policy” in this Handbook).  Outside beverage service is not allowed for any groups.  Individual sack lunches will be allowed.  Violations will result in a warning letter for a first offense, and a loss of reservation privileges for six months (excluding June-August) for the second offense.
  • Alcoholic beverages are not allowed in the Strand Union unless arrangements have been made with Strand Union to serve such beverages at a catered food event. All requests to serve alcoholic beverages in the Strand Union must be submitted to University Catering using the online form found here: .  All requests for alcohol must be made at least two weeks prior to the date of the event to allow for approval and ordering of alcohol/security staff.  All events with alcohol are required to have security present which is coordinated through the Conference & Event Services Office.  Security is billed out to groups at a rate of $17 per guard per hour.  Conference & Event Services will determine the appropriate number of security staff for each event.  Be sure to inquire as to the number of security assigned to be aware of the total billing.
  • Curricular classes, workshops, or seminars held in the Strand Union, for which credit is given, tuition charged, or attendance required must be contracted with Conference & Event Services and a fee will be assessed. Exceptions are lifetime skills classes sponsored by the Recreation Center. Study groups are encouraged to use a section of the Union Market except between the hours of 11 a.m. - 2 p.m., or one of the many lounges, and will not be allowed to reserve meeting space for such purposes.
  • Equipment Rental:
    • The Union shall make available equipment and services which complement the Union's multi-service facility concept. Audio-visual equipment and services are available to all users of Union facilities. Their use can be arranged through Conference & Event Services.
    • Equipment charges will be assessed to all users and are necessary to maintain and periodically upgrade and/or replace old equipment.
    • The person who reserves the equipment will be responsible for its proper operation and care during the reservation period.  Damages to equipment will be charged to the person or organization that had the equipment reserved during the time it was damaged.
    • No equipment is to leave the building. Audio-visual equipment is to be used only in conjunction with meetings scheduled in the Strand Union.
    • Equipment rental charges will be established and changed when necessary by the Strand Union Director.
  • Hanging Items on Strand Union Ballroom and Meeting Room Walls:
    • Check with the Conference & Event Services office before hanging any items.
    • No items can be hung on curtains, windows or electronic screens.
    • No tape or adhesive can be used to hang any items on walls.
    • T-pins must be used to hang items on portable walls.
    • All items must be hung from the top header board above the wood trim that is approximately 8-10 feet from the floor in the Ballrooms.
    • No items can be hung from the ceiling in Ballroom A (20 ft. ceiling).

Steps to reserve SUB space:
If you are planning a large event, please contact Amber in Conference Services to discuss and plan.  To see available spaces, visit:

For one time meetings, email the following information to Conference Services:

NOTE:  Attach your RSO Recognition Letter to email
Organization name
Contact Person
Name of Event/Activity (i.e. Chemistry Club meeting)
First Choice Date
Second Choice Date
Number of people that will be attending
Time of event

Once reservations have been made you will receive an email confirmation with dates, times and room numbers.  Conference & Event Services will also follow up with questions regarding any Audio/Visual needs.

For Student Groups: **Any group not registered for the academic year with Activities and Engagement by September 30th will lose any reservations made earlier in the year after September 30th.

Use of Easels/Banner Space/Display Case/Info Tables/Table Tents 
Each semester groups may use each of the following advertising methods for one week (seven days).   Email  Conference Services.

A.  Banner Space

  • Banners are considered to be any advertising displayed on paper or vinyl which is larger than 36" in either length or height.
  • Interior banners cannot exceed 6' wide by 3' vertical. Exterior banners must be 10' wide by 3' vertical, constructed from commercial type vinyl, and have nylon through the top and grommets in each corner.
  • Banners must be reserved and approved by Conferences & Event Services (there is no charge for interior banners). There is a $25 flat fee for hanging exterior banners.
  • Interior banners need to be hung from the railing in front of the Ask Us Desk by a member of the group on the first day of the reservation.  If the group does not hang the banner on the first day, they may forfeit their reservation.  A custodian will hang exterior banners and take down exterior banners at the end of the reservation. Banners will be kept for one day and then discarded.
  • The sponsoring group's name must be on the banner. 
  • Each group is limited to seven (7) days per semester.

B. Display Case

  • Display cases must be reserved and displays approved by Conference & Event Services.
  • Must be put up on the first day of reservation.  Failure to utilize the display case on the first day may result in forfeiture of the reservation.
  • Must be taken down the evening of the last day of reservation.  If the sponsoring group does not remove the poster themselves, it will be thrown out after 1 day.
  • The sponsoring group name must be included in the poster/display.
  • Each group is limited to seven (7) days per semester.

C. Information Table

  • There is no food/candy/juice/soda distribution allowed at any table for any reason.  Food distribution is strictly prohibited.  This includes wrapped candy or baked goods.
  • Must be staffed at all times by a member of the sponsoring group for the entire duration of the reservation.
  • People staffing the table must remain behind the table. They will not be allowed to approach or accost the public under any circumstances.
  • An approved "Request for Merchandise Sales" form must be on file in the office of the Union Director for any sales of merchandise or services (see "Fund Raising/Merchandise Sales").
  • Limit of seven (7) days per semester per group. Usage of reserved tables must begin by the pre-arranged reservation time. If the table is not set up within 30 minutes of that time, then the organization forfeits their reservation for that day but the day will still count against their 7 days per semester.
  • May only be reserved for five (5) consecutive days at any time.
  • A clearly visible sign must be posted stating the name of the group sponsoring the table.  There is no taping of anything to the walls behind the info tables.   
  • No voice amplification devices are allowed.

D. Table Tents

  • Master copy needs approval by Conference & Event Services.  Please print original, then take to 211 SUB to be approved, THEN make all copies from the approved original.  Any table tents that do not display the approval initials and date will be discarded.
  • Groups must distribute their own table tents the first day of the reservation.  There are roughly 250 tables to place tents on (Union Market, Bobcat Grill & SRO). Reservations run from Monday to Sunday weekly.  All tents are thrown away on Sunday evenings (if the group wants their tents back they need to pick them up before Sunday.
  • Table tents must stand. No flyers permitted.
  • Each group is limited to seven (7) days per semester.
  • The sponsoring group's name must be clearly visible on the table tents.

Strand Union Building Fund Raising/Merchandise Sales

The Strand Union recognizes the need for University organizations to raise money to support those organizations. One method of fund raising is sales of merchandise or services. The Strand Union will accommodate sales which conform to the following policies:

  • Registered/recognized University organizations, MSU-Bozeman departments, and the Strand Union or its lessees will be allowed to use designated Strand Union facilities for selling approved merchandise/ services. Registered Student Organizations must also follow the fundraising guidelines in the Student Organizations Handbook.
  • Whenever Strand Union facilities are used to provide income, rental will be charged. Admission charges including cash, tuition, donations, pledges, collections, or offerings of any kind will be considered income.
  • A "Request for Merchandise Sales" form must be completed and approval must be granted by the Union Director prior to a reservation being confirmed. These forms are available at the Conference Services office.
  • Reservations for merchandise/service sales space must be made at the Conference & Event Services office at least three (3) days prior to the date of the sale.
  • Sales of merchandise/service will only be allowed at a reserved location within the Union (this is limited to Information Tables and reserved meeting/ballrooms).
  • Items to be sold must be owned or on consignment to the organization holding the space reservation. The group holding the reservation must also be the party staffing the space or table.
  • Groups may sell items produced or grown in conjunction with the academic program or that promote the stated purpose of a registered organization.
  • The Strand Union reserves the right to limit merchandise sales subject to the following restrictions:
    The following items/merchandise will not be allowed:
    • Any fund-raising activity or merchandise sale that is in direct competition with activities or services of the Strand Union and its tenants.
    • Food (other than that sold by the Strand Union and University Food Service) and those items the Union allows the Bookstore to sell.
    • Firearms and/or ammunitions.
    • Items judged to be dangerous.
    • Items judged to be offensive or legally questionable. 
  • Groups or their representatives are not allowed to address or solicit passersby who do not show active interest. They must remain behind their table or within their reserved space (room).
  • Sales are limited to five (5) days per semester.
  • Violations of any of these policies may result in loss of sales and/or reservation privileges in the Strand Union.

NOTE: If items using the MSU name or logo are sold to raise funds, your club must first obtain a license from the MSU Licensing Director to use the name and/ or logo. This usually requires payment of a fee.  Student Organizations may contact MSU Communications Licensing Director.

Distribution or Sale of Literature and/or Solicitation of Signatures (Petitions)

The Strand Union provides space in the Union for the distribution of literature and/or solicitation of signatures (petitions) by recognized University organizations. Distribution or solicitation is permitted for noncommercial handbills, leaflets, petitions, and similar materials in designated areas of the Strand Union. Distribution or solicitation privileges within the building are limited to Student Organizations registered with the Office of Student Engagement, Montana State University-Bozeman, University faculty or staff groups, and non-University organizations which have received approval for use of University facilities. The literature distribution or solicitation of signatures (petitions) policy is designed to maintain the free flow of traffic within the building and to prevent such activities from interfering with the orderly administration of University affairs.

The following are operating rules:
A.    Space for distribution of literature or solicitation of signatures (petitions) is available through Conference & Event Services. Only tables provided by the building may be used for literature distribution, solicitation of signatures (petitions), or other information.

B.    No electronic voice amplification devices are permitted at the tables.

C.    All distribution and displays must be confined to the designated areas. Materials and posters may not be mounted on building walls, woodwork, etc.

D.    Sale or distribution of food or beverages is not permitted from distribution areas (see "Food").

E.    Distribution tables are solely for the distribution of literature, solicitation of signatures (petitions), information, and promotional activities. Users must maintain a quiet, orderly, and uncongested atmosphere and avoid interference with the right of others to distribute information. Violations may result in the withdrawal or suspension of the privileges to distribute literature or solicit signatures (petitions) in the building. The Strand Union Director will have full authority in this regard.

F.    MSU and registered Student Organizations who may wish to sell articles of value must complete a "Request for Merchandise Sales" form.

G.   Organizations can only reserve one (1) table per day.
H.    Usage of reserved tables must begin by the pre-arranged reservation time.  If the table is not set up within 30 minutes of that time, then the organization forfeits their reservation for that day.
I.     Any material taped to a table must be removed fully when the organization leaves.  If not, the organization is subject to a fine and possible loss of rights to use literature tables in the future.
J.     Sponsoring organizations must mark the table with the organization's name on a placard.
K.    A representative of the group using the table must remain at the table for all hours of use.



For the purposes of protecting public health, all food sold and provided on campus must be supplied by University Food Services.  Under no circumstance may food be sold or catered by any vendor or organization other than University Food Service.  Food may not be served on campus by a commercial or domestic source to be used as a promotional tool for a commercial entity.

An exception to this rule allows for Student Organizations meeting in the SUB after 5:00pm with a gathering of less than 40 people.  Groups are encouraged to utilize existing food venues after hours.  However, these groups may order food from outside venues.  Groups with an anticipated attendance of greater than 40 people are required to utilize University Food Service.


  1. Food may be served on campus prepared by a commercial or domestic source if donated for promotional activities of the affiliated group and the food is to be consumed by the group and its participants and not sold.  Food and beverages served on campus, to the public, must be prepared in a licensed, inspected, commercial kitchen. 
  1. Any food or beverage, served to the public on campus, must be prepared in a licensed, inspected, commercial kitchen, and must have a Food License issued, either by the State of Montana, or a Temporary Event Food Permit issued by the Registered Sanitarian.  A Temporary Event Vendor Application (TEVA) may be accessed online (, completed and submitted to the Sanitarian for review.  Once approved, a Food Permit will be issued.  Food Safety Online Training, with completion of a quiz, will be requested, for each individual handling food.
  1. The sponsoring group of an event must prominently display a sign at the event stating that the product is donated by the licensed food vendor.  Donation of food to an affiliated group does not give the donating food vendor permission or privilege to sell its product on campus.
  1. Although University Food Services cannot donate food products, University Food Services may, on occasion, jointly sponsor an event if budget is available.  The University Food Services may authorize the service of off-campus food for a jointly sponsored event.
  1. No food from off-campus sources may be served in the Strand Union, for affiliated or non-affiliated group events, donated or otherwise.   A Temporary Food Permit is required.
  1. All off-campus food or beverage service must be approved by Conference Services Director, University Food Service Director, and the Auxiliary Services Registered Sanitarian.
  1. Individual solicitations of off-campus food vendors for delivery of food for personal consumption on campus are not prohibited under these rules.
  1. To get request alcohol at an event, please visit: .  You must submit this online form at least 3 weeks before the event.


As a student and registered student organization, compliance to the MSU-Bozeman Alcohol/Drug Policy is mandatory.  Please find the complete Alcohol/Drug Policy online: 

Below are sections of the policy that directly apply to student organizations:

340.00 ASMSU, Departmental and Other Registered Student Organizations

  1. ASMSU, registered student organizations or any organized student group assembled independently or on behalf of Montana State University or ASMSU, whether or not they are registered are subject to university policies and state law governing the service or consumption of alcohol at its events.
  2. Any event held on University property that involves the service of alcohol must approved under Section 890.00, Facilities Use Manual.
  3. Organizational or ASMSU funds shall not be used to purchase alcohol.
  4. Incident reports involving Montana State University students may be forwarded to the Dean of Students Office. MSU disciplinary action will be considered and imposed as appropriate.
  5. Any off-campus events organized and/or sponsored by a student organization or ASMSU which is open to the public and at which alcohol will be served shall be subject to the requirements of this policy. The Event Sponsor is responsible for assuring the event is in compliance.

400.00 Alcohol Marketing Guidelines

  1. In on-campus advertising, no reference to alcoholic beverages is  permitted. Suggested wording is: drinks or drink specials.
  2. Advertising free drinks or 2-for-1 or other multiple-drink specials is prohibited.
  3. Advertising of competitive drinking games is prohibited.
  4. In all on-campus advertising, including posters, banners and table tents, reference to drinks must be in smaller print than the print size for the event advertised.
  5. Availability of food and non-alcoholic beverages must be prominently displayed in the advertising.
  6. Advertising must be accompanied by a non-use message such as "Drink Responsibly," "Don't Drink and Drive," "Do not allow your friends to drink and drive.”

500.00 Illegal Drugs

Use, possession, manufacture, sale, or distribution of any illegal drugs on University property or at University sponsored activities is prohibited and may be grounds for suspension or expulsion of students and the suspension or dismissal of faculty members, administrators and other University employees.

The fundamental purpose of the University is to maintain an environment that supports and encourages the pursuit and dissemination of knowledge. That environment is damaged by illegal drug use. Therefore, all members of the academic community, students, faculty members, administrators, and other University employees, share the responsibility for protecting the environment by exemplifying high standards of professional and personal conduct.

510.00 Prescription Drug Abuse

The non-medical use of prescription drugs is not allowed on the University campus.  Students’ use of these drugs inappropriately such as to “get high”, cram of exams, or use to enhance sports performance is a violation of this policy.  Prescription drugs, when mixed with alcohol, are particularly dangerous and potentially lethal.  This is especially true of opiates, such as OxyContin, Vicodin or other pain killers.  Harmful effects of prescription drug abuse include:

  • Mental health: increased irritability, agitation, anger, apathy, depression, paranoia (delusions and Hallucinations), violence, and dependence.
  • Physical health: drastic changes in sleep patterns, sudden weight loss or gain, stunted growth, and dependence.

520.00 Medical Marijuana

Although Montana state law permits the use of medical marijuana, i.e., use by persons possessing lawfully issued medical marijuana cards, federal laws prohibit marijuana use, possession and/or cultivation at educational institutions and on the premises of other recipients of federal funds. The use, possession or cultivation of marijuana for medical purposes is therefore not allowed in any Montana State University housing or any other Montana State University property; nor is it allowed at any University-sponsored event or activity off campus.

Student Organization Finances

Club funds are to be deposited and managed in a club bank account. Club funds may only be used by club leaders and advisors to further the mission of the club and are not to be used for personal purposes. Alleged violations of any of the aforementioned policy may result in your student organization or individual leaders/members being reported to the Dean of Students’ office and/or MSU Campus Police.

Student Organization Funding

All registered groups are eligible to APPLY for financial support for programs, special events, field trips, conferences, etc. which they will sponsor, or in which they will participate.  Funds are available through the Student Organization Fee.  All requests for funding must be submitted and used within the academic year in which the program, special event, field trip, conference, etc. will occur. 

See the Funding Policy and Guidelines HERE.


Fundraising taking place in the Strand Union Building must also follow the Strand Union Building policies.


In order to request and receive funding, your student organization MUST first have a bank account.  Reimbursement checks WILL NOT be made out to individuals, only to the organization name.  We do not endorse any one financial institution, however, these two banks are either on the MSU campus or nearby.  Feel free to explore other options on your own.

First Interstate Bank :  268 SUB, 406-586-0757

What is required to open an account for a Student Organization with First Interstate?

  • MSU Office of Student Engagement Recognition letter
  • Tax Identification Number/Entity Identification Number(EIN)-obtained from the IRS
  • Two organization representatives must be signers, one of whom MUST be an advisor.
  • Minutes from a recent meeting stating who the current officers are, that a bank account at First Interstate will be opened, and who the authorized signers on the account will be
  • All signers information is required before the account can be opened
    • Name, date of birth, social security number, physical address, and 2 forms of identification
  • Initial deposit of $100.00
  • Please allow at least 30-45 minutes for the account opening process


First Security Bank:  670 S. 19th Ave., 406-585-3900
What is required to open an account for a Student Organization with First Security?

  • Tax Identification Number/Entity Identification Number (EIN)-obtained from the IRS
  • Minutes from a recent meeting stating a bank account at First Security will be opened, and identifying who the authorized signer(s) on the account will be.
  • Only need one authorized signer, who can be a student.  Signers information is required before the account can be opened:
    • Name, date of birth, social security number, physical address, and photo ID
  • Initial deposit of $25.00
  • Please allow at least 30-45 minutes for the account opening process

To access a lost EIN: CLICK HERE

Other Policies that may impact your student organization:



Important Policy Changes & Updates Fall 2015

We want you all to be aware of some policy changes and updates that may impact your organization.  Please take the time to read thoroughly and share with others in your organization.


The OSE secured space in the SUB Union Marketplace for digital signage (TV). This space will be reserved for OSE events/programs and REGISTERED Student Organizations.  Keep in mind the following policies:

  • JPEG only files will be accepted.  Recommend landscape format for easier viewing.
  • Submissions can be submitted by filling out this FORM.
  • Submission does not guarantee approval.  Approval is at the sole discretion of the OSE.
  • If approved, please allow three working days for the OSE to include the submission in the signage rotation.
  • Submissions making any mention of, or inference to alcohol, drugs, or tobacco either implied or explicit, will not be approved.
  • Posters which contain nudity, foul language, or a message degrading to others, either implicitly or explicitly, based on race, gender, religion, disability, gender identity or sexual orientation or otherwise in violation of the University non-discrimination policies will not be approved.
  • Submissions will remain on the digital display for a maximum of 7 days or 1 day after the event.
  • Submissions for reoccurring events and meetings can only be submitted once a semester.


1st Annual Student Organization Leadership Conference
October 3rd, 10am-5pm, SUB

Join us for the inaugural Student Organization Leadership Conference, hosted by the Office of Student Engagement, in partnership with the Leadership Institute. This is a one day experience created for student leaders of Registered Student Organizations at MSU and will provide student leaders, new and experienced alike, with the tools and knowledge to successfully lead their organizations and utilize the available resources provided on campus. 

Each club must send a minimum of one student leader.  Open to all registered student organizations at MSU-Bozeman.  Learn more about this requirement HERE.  Student Organization Advisors are welcome to attend.  

$1,000 tuition scholarship, sponsored by the Office of Financial Aid Services, will be raffled off at the closing session! 

Activities Calendar

  • Student Organizations are encouraged to use the MSU Calendar to help advertise events and programs.  You can select the topic as “activities” and it will automatically feed to the online Activities Calendar hosted on the OSE website:  This helps people easily find student-related activities!
  • To submit an event or program, CLICK HERE.
  • You can login using your student NetID and password. 

Funding Applications

You spoke and we listened!  Funding applications will now be available through an online form.  No more Word Documents!  Rolling & Matching Funding applications will be available by August 27th.