Annual Registration


Groups that want to be recognized as an official Registered Student Organization at MSU, must complete the registration process once each academic year. Clubs can register at any time throughout the year.

We will post the 2015-2016 Registration on August 10th. 

If you did not submit your Student Organization Roster in this online form, please download HERE: WORD or PDF

Officer/Leader Update

Officer/Leader Update Form: Please complete this if you have new leadership during the academic year after your club has already registered.

Recognition Criteria

In order for the Office of Activities & Engagement (OAE) to recognize a student group, the following minimum standards must be met:

1. Have a clearly defined purpose/mission. 

2. Submit an updated and complete registration application (link found at the top of this page) annually (RSO status of existing clubs is good until Sept. 30 of the following academic year). Completion of the application does not guarantee registration approval. 

3.  All executive positions (President ,VP, etc.) must be held by currently enrolled MSU-Bozeman students.  No non-students can hold these positions.

4.  Minimum of 10 members is required, 80% of your overall membership MUST be currently enrolled students of MSU-Bozeman.  Please note, however, that if your group is a club sport, 100% of your members must be registered, fee-paying students. Please contact Campus Recreation at 994-6313 for more information.

5.  Your organization must have a designated staff or faculty advisor who is employed by MSU at least part-time.

6.  The group may not exist to make a profit of any kind.

7.  Your group must comply with University policies and regulations pertaining to organizations, including contents of the Registered Student Organization Manual.

If you do not meet these criteria, please do not begin the registration process until all above criteria are met.

How to Become a Registered Student Organization

1. Submit a completed RSO application form found at the top of this page.

2. Please allow up to 3 working days for the OAE office to process and approve the registration. OAE will send an RSO confirmation email to the listed president and club advisor that your group is registered and will also attach an official “RSO Letter” that you can use as proof of registration.  Your RSO Letter is your group’s "identification" for free room use in the Strand Union (as long as your group is NOT charging an entry fee or taking up donations or dues on a regular basis), court and field reservations for athletic organizations, SUB advertising space, and the reservation of any academic spaces for club use.  

3. Visit: to see your RSO listed!

New Student Organizations

We have a whole page dedicated to new student organizations, please CLICK HERE.