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Upcoming Trainings 2013-2014

We do not have any upcoming trainings.

General Resources

Leader Transition Checklist: This document will help clubs going through a leadership transition or to prepare for one.

Event Planning 101: This document helps lay out the pieces of event planning, including advertising and venues.

Effective Meetings: How to plan and execute meetings that are meaninful and efficient. Handout provided by Don Greer.

Advisor Agreement Worksheet: This worksheet can be a means of communicating expectations of the organization-advisor relationship.

Officer Update Sheet: Please complete this if you have new leadership during the academic year after your club has already registered.

Student Organization Tax Guidance: This document helps student organizations understand if they need to file for taxes or not, including how to become a non-profit.

How to obtain a Tax ID Number: This document walks you through how to request a Tax ID (or EIN) for your club in order to set up a bank account.

Advertising Resources

Advertising Checklist: Use to learn about avenues to advertise on and off-campus for your club, event or program.

Runner Board: The OAE manages a runner board in the SUB Union Market and is available for clubs to use for advertising.

OAE Poster Policy: All Registered Student Organizations have access to the free poster delivery service through the Office of Activities and Engagement.  Please click on the link to learn about the policies. FALL 2013 Weekly Deadline: Tuesdays at 4pm. Note: We will not hang posters during the summer months or during university breaks. We apologize for any inconvenience.

Activities & Event Submission

Solicitation/Advertising in Residence Halls:

Solicitation Policy Form for Residence Life

Solicitation Permission Slip for Residence Life

Please contact Blake Stemen with Residence Life for questions and to submit your permission slips:

MSU Alumni Foundation Guidelines

Registered Student Organization Foundation Guidelines

We are excited to announce a new partnership we have formed with the MSU Alumni Foundation.  The Foundation will now receive charitable contributions on behalf of registered student organizations. As most of our student clubs are not non-profit organizations, this service is provided to help registered student organizations receive donations from funders who desire or require donations be made through a non-profit entity.  Donors who make contributions in support of a qualified registered student organization through the MSU Alumni Foundation will be provided with the appropriate document to substantiate the tax deductibility of the contribution

Please read the guidelines above THOROUGHLY if you plan to utilize this new option.  PLEASE NOTE:  There are a few student organizations that are not eligible to use this program due to the nature of the club, so please review these guidelines carefully to determine if your club is or is not a fit.

Club Documents

Learn from other successful clubs at MSU!

Network of Environmentally Concious Organizations (NECO)
Basic Officer Responsibilities
Calendar Template
Networking Map
Organizational History
PR Tutorial
President Task List
Root Cause Action Planning
Project Outline Template