Session Handouts from 2017 Conference

Marketing Like a Boss Session Handouts:

Advertising 101

RSO Worksheet

Social Media Handout

Student Org. Advertising Guide

Powerpoint Presentation

Managing Conflict Handout:

Powerpoint Presentation

Club Funding-Show me the Money Session Handouts:

Powerpoint Presentation

Donation or Sponsorship Letter Template

Tips for Seeking Donations or Sponsorships

Budget Template

Zero to Sixty: Increasing Group Participation Through Effecting Facilitation:

Facilitation Handout

Experiential Learning Handout

Legal Issues for Student Organizations Session Handouts: 

Acknowledgement of Risk

Waiver of Liability

3 R's: Recruitment, Retention and Recognition Session Handouts: 

Powerpoint Presentation

Understanding Your Leadership Style Session Handouts: 

The Six Leadership Styles


Student Organization Leadership Conference is built on this model:

Leadership Competencies Model

Based on the National Association for Campus Activities (NACA) Competency Guide for Student Leaders, the following competencies have been established to guide the Student Organization Leadership Conference (SOLC), in addition to ongoing professional development opportunities provided throughout the academic year for student organizations at MSU. 

Competency Model

The conference will address topics in the areas below:

Personal Competencies:

  • Develop an understanding of self, ability to work with others and establish a personal leadership identity
  • Strengthen leadership skills such as conflict management, communication, teamwork, goal setting, etc.
  • Identify strengths and weaknesses and how to grow and improve upon
  • Clarify personal values
  • Meaningful interpersonal and collaborative relationships
  • Multicultural awareness

Organizational Management:

  • Risk management
  • Meeting/Event Management
  • Utilizing available resources
  • Fiscal management
  • Accountability/Self-Governance


  • Recruitment
  • Membership retention
  • Recognition of members
  • Club Marketing

Assessment & Planning

  • Assess /Evaluate Group and programs
  • Identity of the Group
  • Develop Goals/Mission/Vision
  • Transition of leadership