The Office of Student Engagement supports and encourages the formation of new clubs or re-activating previously registered organizations. We understand the barriers that may be involved in this process, so we are here to help!

If your club meets the requirements listed below, visit the Annual Registration page to register your club.

Criteria to Become a Recognized Club:

In order for the Office of Student Engagement (OSE) to register a student group, the following minimum standards must be met:

  1. Have a clearly defined purpose/mission. 
  2. Submit an updated and complete registration form (link found at the top of this page) annually (Registration status is good until Sept. 30 of the following academic year). Completion of the application does not guarantee registration approval. 
  3. All executive positions (President ,VP, etc.) must be held by currently enrolled MSU-Bozeman students. 
  4. Minimum of 10 members is required, 80% of your overall membership MUST be currently enrolled students of MSU-Bozeman.  Please note, if your group is a Club Sport, your membership must be 100% students.
  5. Your organization must have a designated staff or faculty advisor who is employed by MSU at least part-time or a graduate student.  If they wish to learn more about what is required of advisors, visit the Advisor Resources page.
  6. The group may not exist to make a profit of any kind.
  7. Comply with University policies and regulations pertaining to organizations, including contents of the Registered Student Organization Manual.

Things to Keep in Mind When Starting a New Club:

  • Please view the current registered student organizations as well as last year's to verify there isn't already an existing club that is either exactly what you want to start or very similar.
  • If you are wishing to start a club sport, you must meet with the Club Sport Director, Allie Bogard, before your registration is approved. 
  • If you want to start a club that is only slightly different than an existing club, keep in mind the recruitment barriers that may arise due to that factor.
  • Review the registered student organization criteria and application process to decide if you want to move forward with starting a new club and the steps involved.

How the Office of Student Engagement can Help:

If you do not have the minimum of 10 members to start (or re-start an inactive group) a new student organization, OSE can help!

  • OSE will help you schedule a meeting room in the SUB in order for you to hold an interest meeting.
  • If you produce a flyer advertising your interest meeting and email to us at we will print and post it in academic buildings and in residence hall lobbies on campus.  Printing will only be done one time by OSE. Please view our poster policies before printing.
  • We can also include an electronic version of your flyer on the TV in the SUB Union Marketplace, managed by the OSE.  Fill out the SUB Digital Signage Submission Form to submit your flyer.
  • If you receive enough members to start a group, then you can start the registration process.
  • You can attend the bi-annual Involvement Fair to generate more interest. Please contact us or visit the Involvement Fair section of the website to learn more.
  • If you are having difficulty finding a staff or faculty advisor, please contact us and we will help spread the word.

Email us at if you have any questions.