Montana State University

Student Organization Travel

Travel Forms

Registered Student Organizations are allowed to travel as part of an organization-related trip anywhere off-campus.  Due to the inherent risks associated with travel of any kind, OAE requires student organizations to complete travel forms PRIOR to traveling.  Please submit the forms below no fewer than 10 days prior to the travel date  to the Office of Activities and Engagement.

Required Forms:

Master Travel Form: This should be filled out by the trip coordinator or organizer. Only one of these needs to be submitted per trip. 

Participant Travel Form: Each traveling participant must complete at least 10 days prior to departure.


University Student Travel Policies can be found HERE. Registered Student Organizations are upheld to these policies.

Renting Vehicles vs. Personal Vehicle Use

Renting through Enterprise

Rates for Enterprise vehicles can be found here:

  • Funded Clubs (through the student organization fee):
    • Must contact OAE (Mandy) at to reserve.
    • Collision Damage Waiver (CDW) and $1 Million Combined Single Limit (CSL) Liability is included in the rates.
    • Eligible for campus vehicle delivery, with enrollment in Enterprise Plus.
  • Non-Funded Clubs
    • Can contact Enterprise (Main St. Location) directly at 586-8010.
    • Give contract number:  63MSU01 (will get MSU contract pricing)
    • Not eligible for any liability coverage/collision, can purchase from Enterprise if wish.
    • Must pick-up and drop-off Enterprise location, not eligible for campus delivery.

Personal Vehicle Use

  • Clubs are also able to use personal vehicles, however, will not have any liability coverage.  Personal car insurance will be solely responsible.
  • All policies and registering club travel still applies.

Driver Training

Online Defensive Driving Training Instructions:

In order to drive the 7-passenger vans or SUV’s through Enterprise, you MUST complete this online training or an approved defensive driving classroom or hands-on course.
*If you have taken either the 15-passenger van training, driver safety for campuses, Defensive Driving DDC-4, the online defensive driving (for 7-10 passenger), or another approved defensive driving course WITHIN the last 3 years, you DO NOT need to take the training again.  Please contact Mandy at and she will verify if you have completed this training.

Must complete EITHER the online or classroom, do not need to complete both.

PLEASE NOTE:  You will need to be on a computer with speakers (or headphone capability).  You will need to finish the training all at once, as there is no way to log back in to the system.

  1.  Go to:
    1. Username:  6450632  
    2. Password:  59718
  1. On the left side, click on “Workplace Safety”
  1. Click on "Defensive Driving for Noncommercial Motorists" the 15th course down
  1. Register yourself for the training.
    1. First = First Name
    2. Last = Last Name
    3. Title=student (or staff position)
    4. Campus=Bozeman
    5. Department=Activities & Engagement
    6. Student/Employee = Your designation
  2. Hit the Login button. 
  3. Click on the “Start Training” button.  It should take about 30 minutes. 
  1. Please download and read the “MUS Board of Regents Vehicle Policy & Procedures” BEFORE taking the course.  It will not let you begin the course without doing this.
  2. Continue to training
  3. You must obtain an 80% or higher (no more than 2/10 questions incorrect) on the quiz at the end to pass this course.  If you do not pass, please review the slides again and retake the quiz until you reach 80%.
  4. Once you have completed the course and passed the quiz you will receive an email with a link to your training certificate.  You can also choose “generate certificate.”

Register for a course at:

*IMPORTANT:  You must print off or forward your certificate to the trip leader/organizer to turn in to the Office of Activities and Engagement. *


Travel Verification Letters

The Office of Activities & Engagement (OAE) can provide a letter sent to you via email verifying your registered student organization travel that you can then provide to faculty IF YOUR TRAVEL IS CONFLICTING WITH ACADEMIC/COURSE OBLIGATIONS.   You MUST have submitted your participant travel forms (found above) BEFORE requesting this.

These letters will include:

  • Travel dates as have been provided to OAE on travel forms;

  • A statement that OAE can verify this as legitimate student organization travel;

The letter will be an electronic document that you can then either print and hand deliver to faculty members or could be emailed too one or more faculty members. Letters WILL NOT ask faculty to excuse students from class or class work, nor will these letters provide any sort of an endorsement of the club activity, they will merely be verifying the information that you, as a traveler have already provided to the faculty member verbally. These letters SHOULD NOT BE THE FIRST TIME ANY FACULTY MEMBER HAS HEARD ABOUT YOUR TRAVEL AND THE CONFLICT WITH THEIR COURSE. You should have spoken with them about the situation prior to providing this letter of verification

Decisions to excuse absences and/or allow for exceptions to be made to assignment due dates are at each, individual faculty members discretion and no letter generated by the OAE guarantees any particular outcome to these negotiations between students and faculty members.

The OAE must have also received the MASTER TRAVEL FORM (submitted by your trip coordinator) before they will issue these letters. 

To request a letter be generated and emailed to you, please email NO LATER THAN 5 days before departure.  Any letter requests submitted outside the 5 day window will not be accommodated.