Montana State University

Edis Kittrell, Instructor

MA University of Vermont

Office: Wilson 2-184
Phone: 406-994-5316

Office Hours: Th, 3:00-4:30 & W, 10:30-3:00; or by appointment

I am an adjunct instructor in the English Department and have taught College Writing for over ten years. I am also one of the Writing Across the Curriculum coordinators. Currently, I teach Honors Texts and Critics as well. Other classes I have taught include Basic Writing and Reading through the TRIO program and General Studies seminar. I am also in a rock band called Textbook Blues that includes two other faculty members, Dr. John Priscu and Dr. Warren Jones.

Selected Recent Publications:

CD Fly Me Away. (1999). Original music.

Critical Essay: “Between the Bookends: Homer, Woolf, and Barthes.”

Voices. (1992), 46-53.

Poetry: “Mike.” Arete. (1991), 70.

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Updated: 01/12/2015