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Ph.D., Michigan State University
English Education, Sociocultural Literacy & Learning, (Youth) Cultural Studies

Office: Wilson 2-289
Phone: 406-994-5186

Office Hours:  T 12:00-1:30 and 4:30-5:00


As an associate professor of English Education, my research, teaching, and service focus on understanding and helping to improve the experiences and life chances of today’s young people, especially those from historically marginalized populations. Specifically, my work does three things: 1. Helps to better understand how, when, where, and for what purposes young people successfully engage in learning and literacy practices related to their participation in youth cultures; 2. Helps to better understand the systems of reasoning pre-service English teachers draw upon to make sense of their prospective students and how these systems of reasoning influence their thinking and decision-making about curriculum and instruction; and 3. Helps to better understand how secondary literacy educators can and do make literacy education a compelling, useful, and potentially transformative experience for young people, particularly as it involves popular culture and critical literacy.

Prior to Montana State University, I worked as an assistant professor at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, earned graduate degrees in English at Northern Arizona University and Michigan State University, and taught middle and high school English in New York and Colorado. Ever since my first visit to Bozeman in the summer of 2000, it has been a dream of mine to live and work here.

Selected Recent Publications

Sarginiadies, S.T., Petrone, R., Lewis, M.A. (2017). Re-thinking the “adolescent” in adolescent literacy. Chicago, IL: National Council for Teachers of English Press. Principles in Practice Series. 

Petrone, R. & Sarigianides, S.T. (2017). Re-positioning youth in English teacher education. In (Ed.) H. Hallman. Innovations in English language arts teacher education. Advances in Research on Teaching Series, Emerald Press, Volume 27, 89-105.  

Petrone, R. & Horner, M. (2017). But there’s still going to be a pipeline: Ecological     Microaggressions, Racism, and Social Justice Literacy Education in the Age of Trump. “Scholars Speak Out” section for Journal of Language and Literacy Education. University of Georgia.   

Petrone, R. (2016). Is Skateboarding a sport?: Inquiring into non-school sports. In (Ed.) A. Brown & L. Rodesiler. Developing contemporary literacies through sports: A guide for the English classroom. Chicago, IL: National Council for Teachers of English Press.   

Lewis, M.A., Petrone, R., Sarigianides, S.T. (2016). Acting adolescent?: Critical examinations of the youth-adult binary in Feed and Looking for AlaskaALAN Review, 43(2), 43-50. 

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Petrone, R. & Borsheim, C. (2008). “It just seems to be more intelligent”: Critical literacy in high school English. In (Ed.) L. Wallowitz. Critical literacy as resistance: Teaching for social justice across the secondary curriculum. New York: Peter Lang.

Current Projects

I am currently working on several projects related to my research goals of understanding young people’s literacy and learning within youth cultures, pre-service English teachers’ conceptions of adolescence, and critical approaches to secondary English curriculum.



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