ETD Submission Information





Procedure for submission

  • Formatting Checklist

    This is a formatting checklist created by the Formatting Advisor to summarize the formatting requirements and cover some of the most frequently seen formatting errors. Please review this checklist before submitting your ETD to the Formatting Advisor.
  • Master's & Doctorate of Nursing Students 

Submit your ETD to the Formatting Advisor for initial review. After you have completed your defense and made all the changes required by your committee, submit your final ETD as a PDF.

Science and Natural History Filmmaking students must also submit a copy of their film. Submit a compressed H264 file (under 5GB) to  If your film is larger than 5GB please contact the Formatting Advisor with options. Films will be archived on the ETD Film archive with MSU Domain access only.

  • Doctoral Students (Ph.D. and Ed.D)

Submit your ETD to the Formatting Advisor for initial review. After you have completed your defense and made all the changes required by your committee, submit your final ETD as a PDF via email to the Formatting Advisor

Submit your approved ETD as a PDF through our web interface with UMI Dissertation Publishing. Please read the Publishing Guides and Publishing Agreement sections of UMI's website for important information. There is no fee for Traditional publishing. Open Access publishing is $95 (NB: your document will be in the MSU Library's open access database ScholarWorks).  

The Graduate School does not require a bound paper copy of your thesis or dissertation.

  • Supplemental Files
    Files that are supplemental data to your ETD should be uploaded to .  Non-proprietary, openly documented formats are always preferred:
    • Text: plain text (ASCII, UTF-8), PDF/A, CSV, TSV, XML
    • Image: PDF/A, JPEG/JPEG2000, PNG, TIFF, SVG (no Java)
    • Audio: FLAC, AIFF, WAVE
    • Video: AVI, M-JPEG2000
    • Compressed/archived formats: GZIP/TAR, ZIP
      • Files should only be compressed and/or archived when it is necessary due to large file size or the need to gather files together in a particular directory structure in order for them to be understood.
      • We encourage the use of structured organization, such as the BagIt format, within a compressed/archived file.
  • Raw Data Files
    Raw data files can be included in ScholarWorks along with your ETD and any supplemental files.  Review the preferred file formats in the Supplemental files section.


Along with your ETD, you must submit a signed Certificate of Approval (COA) to our office by the published deadline before your ETD will be given final approval.

  • Certificate of Approval (COA):The Certificate of Approval serves as the official record of your ETD submission to The Graduate School and documentation that your ETD has received final approval from your advisory committee. Because this form is  used to archive your ETD with the MSU Library, please type information on this form. Original signatures are preferred; electronic signatures are acceptable.
  • Doctoral students (Ph.D. and Ed.D only): Complete a Survey of Earned Doctorate here.