LaTeX Guide

The Graduate School has a LaTeX template that was provided by former MSU grad students. Thank you to those students for all your hard work! Updates to templates are appreciated.

The Graduate School does not provide technical support for LaTeX and all thesis/dissertations in LaTeX must comply with all formatting guidelines. Students using LaTeX templates from this website are responsible for ensuring that the templates conform to all formatting guidelines regardless of the current template configurations.

WARNING! This LaTeX template has known issues that DO NOT conform to formatting guidelines. The Graduate School does not maintain this template and supplies this link as a courtesy to students comfortable using LaTeX. You will be required to fix these issues before final approval is given! Use at your own discretion!

This website was created and is maintained by Seth Humphries, Ph.D., former MSU graduate student. This website includes the files needed and instructions, last updated February 8, 2014.

Helpful Links for LaTeX