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Current Dynamics in Agriculture
Energy Costs, Global Markets, Ag Policy, Price Protection,
and Leasing Arrangement

Cole Gustafson

  1. BioFuel Energy Trends and Opportunities, PowerPoint Presentation

Matt Diersen

  1. Marketing Tactics in Volatile Times, PowerPoint Presentation

  2. Using a MBM Risk Calculator,  Briefing No. 27, Agricultural Marketing Policy Center (PDF)

  3. How to Capture High Calf Prices, ExEx 5055, July 2007, Extension Extra, South Dakota State University Cooperative Extension Service (PDF)

  4. Writing a Commodity Marketing Plan, FS929, South Dakota State University Cooperative Extension Service (PDF)

  5. Risk Calculator-Basic Scenario: Winter Wheat (Excel)

  6. Risk Calculator-Basic Scenario: Spring Wheat (Excel)

Duane Griffith

  1. LRP for Livestock, PowerPoint Presentation

  2. LRP Feeder Cattle Specific Coverage Endorsement (PDF)

  3. Livestock Gross Margin (LGM) for Cattle, PowerPoint Presentation

  4. Livestock Gross Margin For Cattle Insurance Policy (PDF)

  5. Cost of Production Where are We At and Where Are We Going, PowerPoint Presenations

  6. Trading periods, Basis tables for Montana and Commodity Exchange Endorsement for Livestock Gross Margin for Cattle (PDF)

  7. Montana cash prices and basis tables by month for steers and heifers by weight and year from 1983 to 2007 (Excel)

  8. Cow Calf Feeder Stocker Program (Excel)

  9. Crop Share Flexible Cash Leases Program (Excel)

  10. Triangle Monthly Price Basis 2007-1998 (Excel)

Vince Smith

  1. Exciting Times? The Outlook for U.S. Agriculture During a World Food Crisis, PowerPoint Presentation

Gary Brester

  1. Production Risk Management: Running With the Bulls, PowerPoint Presentation

George Haynes

  1. Cropland and Livestock Leasing in Montana, PowerPoint Presentation

  2. Crop-Share or Crop Share/Cash Farm Lease , NCR_77 (PDF)

  3. Irrigated Crop Share or Crop-Share/Cash Farm Lease, NCR-106 (PDF)

  4. Cash Farm Lease, NCR_76 (PDF)

  5. Cash Farm Lease, Publication 836 (PDF)

  6. Calculating Crop Share, Cash and Flexible Cash Lease Rates (Montana) (PDF)

  7. Crop Share Flexible Cash Leases Program (Excel)