This website is designed for Montana County Extension Agents only.  

If you have ideas for other family economics resources that would be useful to you, email Marsha Goetting, MSU Extension Family Economics specialist.


Estate Planning Training Tools in Montana

Training tools for Estate Planning including PowerPoint Looping Slides, Learning on My Own Activities, Attention Getters, Promotional Ideas, Group Activities, Let's Get Acquainted Activities, and So I Don't Forget Ideas.

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Marketing Resources

This site has all you need for marketing programs including Educational placemats, restaurant table tents, mini posters, brochures, and bank statement inserts.

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Estate Planning Website

This website provides current information about estate planning from webinars, downloadable presentations, estate planning publications, and calendar of upcoming workshops

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Grab and Go Programs

Use a quick grab and go program designed for 15 - 20 minute presentations.  Each provides a quick evaluation.

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Family Financial Management Publications Order Form

A brochure that contains all Family Financial Management MontGuides and an order form.

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Family Financial Management Publications County Office Guide

A County office guide, so staff can determine which Family Financial Management MontGuides, are new, reprinted, revised, or discontinued.

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Credit Smarts: Helping You Become Credit $avvy

These educational tools are designed to educate high school students about credit and the pitfalls of paying just the minimum each month on their credit card balances.  At this site you can order the Credit Card Trackers and Credit Cards Smarts Slide Calculator.

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Teach Children and Adults to Save

This site provides resources to discover ways to save and how to encourage youth to become savers.  Includes saving activities, money on bookshelf curriculum, and penny wrappers.

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