Financial Champions is an experiential curriculum composed of two youth guides, an helper’s guide, and an interactive web game. It is sponsored by the InCharge Institute of America, Incorporated;, in conjunction with Windermere Communications, Inc. and the 4-H Cooperative Curriculum System; and Penn University.

The first guide titled "Money Fun-damentals" helps youth identify their thoughts about money. Youth also learn how to:

  • Communicate with others about money
  • How needs and wants affect financial decisions
  • How to plan for financial success by setting goals
  • How a money plan can affect goals

The second guide titled "Money Moves" helps youth learn about:

  • Banking and maintaining a checking account
  • Investing
  • Credit
  • Different methods of handling money
  • Effects of advertising
  • Ways to be an effective consumer

The "Money Helper’s Guide" helps young teens learn through activities by:

  • Objectives that include a defined life skill and personal finance skills
  • Indicators to measure successful completion of the activity
  • Materials, time, and group size at the beginning of each activity
  • Providing background information for helpers

To Order Financial Champions (3 Books Online):

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