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Planning and Saving for Retirement

Planning and Saving for Retirement at Any Age was a session presented during MSU Extension Annual Conference in 2008.

The resources at this site are for your personal and professional use.

E-mailed Comments from participants :

"Thanks for the upbeat input and recommendations.  I will tell you that
I also went home after the conference and increased my allotment to savings by $50.  It was easy to go into the web site and change it online.  I thought it would take additional paper work but it was just a push of a button."
-Montana Extension Agent

"I consider myself a saver, but for some reason I have always put off the automatic withdrawal thing, even though I know it is a good idea.  There was always a good excuse to put it off a few more months. Getting married, paying off the pickup, building a house, having a baby, etc. I always saved something, but never as much as I thought I should have. After your talk, I finally did what I have been meaning to do for years:  I had my bank start pulling $500 per month out of my checking and putting it into my money market account.  Thanks for helping me get off dead center!" -Montana Extension Agent