Montana State University

Saving and Investing

  • RevisedFirst-time Homebuyer Savings Account. (MT199918HR) (2014)
    Montana residents can save money in a special savings account for the purchase of a first home and save on Montana income taxes. Includes annual report worksheet.

  • RevisedHealth Care Savings Accounts (MT200704HR) (2014)
    The dramatic rise in health care expenses in recent years has prompted some individuals to combine a high deductible health insurance policy with a federal Health Savings Account (HSA) to control these costs. This MontGuide provides basic information about HSAs.

    Spreadsheet that will help you track your health care savings account expenses.

  • Investing in Certificates. (MT19980HR) (2005)
    Certificates of Deposit (CD's) can offer higher interest rates than a savings account -- if the saver is willing to leave the CD untouched for a specified period of time. This MontGuide outlines typical interest rates and maturity dates for CDs, and offers tips for comparison shopping for a CD.

  • RevisedMontana Medical Care Savings Accounts. (MT199817HR) (2014)
    A Medical Care Savings Account (MSA) can provide a deduction from Montana state income tax. This MontGuide explains who is eligible, what expenses are allowed, and how to set up an MSA.

    Spreadsheet that will help you track your health care savings account expenses.

  • Track'n Your Savings Goals. (MT200303HR) (2011)
    It takes a lot of effort to decide on a savings plan and stick with it. This MontGuide shows you how to use an innovative technique to track progress towards achieving your family and personal savings goals.

  • Track'n Your Savings Goals Savings Register. (EB 164) (2004)
     Free to Montana residents, $2.00 out-of-state residents
    This 36-page 3x6" savings register fits inside a checkbook cover to keep savings goals handy. It includes instructions and examples of how to set and concentrate on achieving one or more savings goals.