Financial & Saving Web sites for Youth

  1. California Jumpstart Coalition Leadership Award Winner
    It's A Habit Company, whose tagline is "Changing children's lives one dime at a time," teaches financial literacy and other life skills and habits to children in an entertaining way with Sammy, the rabbit.  
  2. Credit Unions Rock Sponsored by Michigan Credit Union League
    An excellent variety of information on a wide range of subjects from: what is a credit union, how to become a member, tips on buying a car, and planning a wedding for your older children.
  3. NewDebt. org: Sponsored by America’s Debt Help Organization
    Serving the public with thorough and accessible information on financial well-being to help people in all stages of life, from college, through buying or selling a home, and into retirement. Whether an individual wants to plan for the future, get out of debt or stay out of debt. 
  4. Financial Fitness for Life Sponsored by National Council on Economic Education
    Curriculum consists of high quality materials to assist students from kindergarten to grade 12 to make better decisions for earning income, spending, saving, borrowing, investing, and managing their money. The materials are at four levels (grades K-2, 3-5, 6-8, and 9-12).
  5. Financial Literacy for Children and Teens Sponsored by University of Minnesota Extension 
    A wealth of on-line resources to teach financial education to youth, including free publications, lesson plans, and other information.
  6. H.I.P. Pocket Change Sponsored by The United States Mint 
    Interactive US Mint website teaches kids about the history of coins and the Mint through games and cartoons. Teachers will also find free coin-centric classroom plans they can use to teach social studies, language arts, mathematics, and science. 
  7. Money Savvy Generation Sponsored by Money Savvy Generation
    Money Savvy Generation is a Web site that teaches the basics of money at a very early age. It develops and brings to market innovative products to help parents and educators teach children the skills of basic personal finance.
  8. Practical Money Skills for Life Sponsored by VISA
    Includes many lessons, activities, and quizzes on making spending decisions, spending plans, earning money, and what is money? 
  9. Thrive by Five: Teaching Your Preschooler About Spending and
     Sponsored by Credit Union National Association (in partnership with Cooperative Extension staff and credit union educators)
    Set of 8 Saving--free activities and other resources for parents of preschoolers to begin teaching basic concepts of financial education. Informational tips for working with this age group and concepts five year olds should know prior to entering into kindergarten are included.

Disclaimer:  All information published in this document is gathered from external Web sites which are thought to be reliable sources.  MSU Extension does not assume the responsibility for errors and Web sites that are no longer working properly. If you find a Web site that is not working, please email