Teach Children and Adults to Save Savings Activities

  • Savings $quirms are different savings problems and scenarios on individual cutouts that are related to saving.
    • YOUTH: How would you handle this situation stories (pdf file) (6)
    • ADULT: How would you handle this situation stories (pdf file) (6)
  • Credit Card Trivia includes: (ADULT)
    Test your knowledge on Credit Cards
    Multiple Choice questions on:
    » How Long to Pay Off
    » How Much Paid in Interest
  • RevisedSavings Account Trivia includes: (ADULT)
    Test your knowledge on Savings Accounts
    Multiple choice question on:
    » "Which Account Pays the Most
  • Guess How Much Is in the Money Savvy Pig?  (For adults and youth) 
    Order savings bank from Money Savvy Generation Website at: www.msgen.com
  • Getting Acquainted Statements is a great ice breaker.  
    Place on floor and have each person get acquainted by answering the questions as they toss a soft money ball (Click here to purchase Dollar Bill Pillow Balls) (For adults and youth)
  • Savings Incentive Stickers and Other Products: Use this stickers as incentives for saving. 
    (For adults and youth) 


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  • Sharing Statements (30 Labels) is a great activity in a group to get acquainted. Place on the back of play money and provide one to each participant. Have them circulate and share answers with others. (Place on 5160 Avery Labels)