Cooperative Learning

Cooperative Learning at the University of Minnesota Maintained by David T. Johnson and Roger W. Johnson, long-time cooperative learning researchers and practitioners, the web site for the Cooperative Learning Center at the University of Minnesota contains valuable background information on cooperative learning including three newsletters and some key articles such as "Cooperative Learning Methods: A Meta-Analysis," which focuses on what can be proved to work.

Ted Panitz's Cooperative Learning and WAC Site Developed by a teaching center director and math professor, this very extensive site features two electronic books on student centered teaching techniques and offers links to hundreds of related sites.

Cooperative / Collaborative Learning for Active Student Involvement Article from Teaching Concerns at the University of Virginia offering definitions and tips about cooperative learning in the classroom.

Collaborative Learning Collaborative Learning (CL) encourages active student participation in the learning process. It encompasses a set of approaches to education, sometimes also called cooperative learning or small group learning. An analysis from the University of Wisconsin.

International Association for the Study of Cooperation in Education The web site of the International Association for the Study of Cooperation in Education. A collection of resources including a newsletter, list of related organizations and links, and a search engine.