Moving beyond the surface means critically evaluating course material (textbooks, lectures, homework), and assessing the meaning and importance of the topics covered. What does it mean to engage the material?

Follow the links for useful resources.

Thinking Critically About World Wide Web Resources A full text article that presents points to be considered about the value and reliability of Web sources. The site contains many resources, including another full text article "Thinking Critically about Discipline-Based World Wide Web Resources."

Critical Thinking This site assembled by the Institute for Teaching and Learning at San Jose State University addresses an array of critical thinking topics, including how to think critically.

Mission: Critical The site is intended primarily to provide students with a solid foundation -- and a lot of practice -- in basic principles of informal logic, so that they may build more advanced thinking skills on this foundation in their courses.

ACT Research Home Page ACT-R is a cognitive modeling architecture: a software environment for simulating and understanding human cognition. Researchers working on ACT-R strive to understand how people organize knowledge and produce intelligent behavior. As the research continues, ACT-Revolves ever closer into a system which can perform.

Metacognition A brief summary of the three basic components of metacognition. A good place to start when exploring this important learning concept.