College life in many ways is very different than high school. Your college professors may expect you to perform at a different level academically than your high school teachers. And maybe you did not have to study much in high school but now in college that is a different story. This may be the first time you are living away from home, the first time you have a credit card, or the first time you have to manage your own time. The following links discuss these differences, offer advice, and provide information on a successful transition from high school to college.

Differences Between High School and College

Time Management

What do Professors Expect?

Active Engagement

College Directory Links to college and university homepages around the world which offer undergraduate programs.

Financial Aid Recommended sites and books with information on scholarships, student loans, and general financial aid.

College is Possible America's colleges and universities have prepared this site to guide you to the books, web sites, and other resources that admissions and financial aid professionals consider most helpful. With planning, preparation -- and the right information -- college is possible for almost every American.

College Transition Group A seminar and a web site to help young adults make the successful academic and social transition to college. A complete guide to college transition topics.

Mission: Critical The site is intended primarily to provide students with a solid foundation -- and a lot of practice -- in basic principles of informal logic, so that they may build more advanced thinking skills on this foundation in their courses.

Time Management Principles As a student, there are some basic Principles of Time Management that you can apply. This site goes in-depth with practical suggestions and an excellent study strategies link.