Are you returning to college after working? Or raising children? Or are you deciding to come to college for the first time and you graduated from high school years ago? The following links will provide helpful advice for a successful transition as well as offer a support network between students in similar situations.

Myers-Briggs Type Indicator Myers Briggs Type Indicator is an inventory that identifies your basic "personality type" which can relate to potential career choices.The Myers-Briggs Type IndicatorĀ® is an instrument for measuring a person's preferences, using four basic scales with opposite poles. The four scales are: (1)extraversion/introversion; (2) sensate/intuitive;(3) thinking/feeling; and (4) judging/perceiving.

Financial Aid Recommended sites and books with information on scholarships, student loans and general financial aid.

Test Preparation Prep courses, study guides, links and recommended books to help you prepare for the SAT/PSAT, ACT, GRE, GMAT, MCAT, LSAT and other tests.

Study Abroad A complete guide to studying abroad in a variety of programs, and geographic areas. This site includes information on: Academic Year/Semester, Summer, Language, Subject, Intern Abroad/Volunteer, High School, Full Undergraduate Degrees, Intersession, ESL, TEFL Certificate, Summer Law, Summer Business, Adult Programs, and Teaching Programs. You can also use their Country Home Pages to find country-specific information such as currency, maps, weather, and much more.

Real World University How to succeed in addressing your real world challenges! An engaging site that explores areas other than the academics for university students.

College is Possible America's colleges and universities have prepared this site to guide you to the books, web sites, and other resources that admissions and financial aid professionals consider most helpful. With planning, preparation -- and the right information -- college is possible for almost every American.

Advance By Choice(ABC)- MSU The staff of Advance By Choice (ABC) is committed to help each participant be successful in their academic pursuits. ABC is a TRIO Student Support Services program funded by the US Department of Education. It operates within the MSU Division of Student Affairs. ABC offers courses in Math, College Writing, College Reading, and Applied Learning Strategies. In addition, ABC offers tutoring, study skills workshops, academic advising, and assessments.

Disability, Re-Entry & Veteran Services -MSU Of the more than 2,000 students at Montana State University-Bozeman over traditional age (25 or over), about 70 percent are undergraduates. If deciding to enroll at MSU-Bozeman for the first time or to re-enter after considerable time away from college, consider and be encouraged by the value of your experiences, maturity, and motivation. Refer to this page for specifics.