Let me see...wake up at 7:30, head to class for three hours. Grab a quick bite to eat before another two hours of class. Meet with my Business group for twenty minutes, go to the Spurs meeting, go to the intramural foosball game, class again for a couple of hours. Don't forget work at Leaf and Bean plus the volunteer work at Irving Elementary. Let's see...that leaves half an hour to read a book for Philosophy, work on my Precalculus homework plus finishing up my paper for Computer Science. Uh-oh.

Does this sound a little too familiar? For too many college students this seems to be the case. However, an effective time management strategy can alleviate some of these time constraints. Plan out your days, your weeks and semesters and help yourself find time for your priorities.

Time Management

Stress Management

Anti Procrastination Program Design your own anti procrastination plan, courtesy of the University of Texas at Austin.

Motivation Constructive suggestions regarding motivation.

Planned Weekly Schedule From the University of Minnesota at Duluth, an excellent template for getting your life in order.

Time Scheduling Suggestions Time Scheduling will not make you a perfectly efficient person. But, the following method of organization has been helpful to many students and does not take much effort. It is more flexible than many methods and helps the student to establish long term, intermediate, and short term goals.

Stress Management Stress is a part of day to day living. As college students you may experience stress meeting academic demands, adjusting to a new living environment, or developing friendships. Yet, too much stress is harmful and can get in the way of success in areas of priority. Check out this helpful guide to controlling stress in your life.

Understanding Depression From the University of Illinois- Urbana Champaign. Who doesn't get depressed at times? Most people tend to feel depressed at one time or another, but some people may experience these feelings more frequently or with deeper, more lasting, effects.