New Teachers

The challenges of being a new member of the faculty are unique, and can sometimes seem overwhelming. This section is designed to provide information about university resources that speak directly to the needs of new faculty members. The goal is to help new university faculty develop and enhance their teaching skills and establish a strong student-centered foundation.

Syllabus The creation of a workable syllabus means that you have planned your class and have a specific idea as to what you plan to accomplish, when in the semester you plan to achieve it, and how it will be done. Preplanning is the key to a workable class and contingencies being met.

First Day of Class

Grade Book Finding a way to handle grades is a personal decision like choosing a wardrobe. Different people are happiest with different solutions. The paper grade book is the standard for comparison. Many people have developed methods which work for them on paper. Others prefer using the computer. Often the use of a computer program requires more time during the term, but pays off at the end in quicker summarization.

Medical Emergencies At some point in your academic career, you will have a medical emergency in your classroom. This article should help you cope successfully with the unexpected at Montana State University.

Preparing For Class The decisions you make in planning your class will have a tremendous impact on your eventual success. Moreover, sharing these decisions effectively with your students in your course syllabus will provide clarity for you and for them.

Mid-course Corrections If you do nothing to measure student understanding in a regular and systematic way through the course of teaching any topic, it is likely that major areas of student misunderstanding will go undetected until revealing themselves on the final exam, and possibly not even then.


Student Classroom Behaviors

Legalities There are a number of legal issues that may arise in connection with classroom instruction and advising. This paper identifies a few of the more prominent legal issues that an instructor may face in fulfilling his or her instructional duties.