Go to class fifteen minutes early, glance over your notes, read the first and last sentence of every section in the textbook, fill in the bubbles and get an A. Not so fast, hot shot. Your tests take much more preparation now and it doesn't start the night before. Plus, look around you at all of your fellow students: use them!! You don't have to study alone and you can't afford to leave studying to the night before. If you're in a class with a mid-term and a final, you're studying material that covers hours and hours of information. And you're going to learn all of that at once? Studying everyday or at least twice a week may seem excessive now but come test time, you'll be thanking your lucky stars. Of course, it's not just grades we're studying for but also your career!

Studying and study habits
Study groups and networking
Using office hours effectively
Active Learning
Knowing What You Know

Control of the Study Environment From Virginia Polytechnic Institute, a comprehensive paper on maintaining the most effective study environment.

Increasing Reading Speed Suggestions for improving reading speed. From Virginia Polytechnic Institute.

Cooperative Learning A great way to improve your study habits and study effectiveness. This site has links to hundreds of related sites.

Interactive Study Skills An attractive and innovative site that is interactive and attention getting. Covers all the most important components of studying and skills for college success.

Advance By Choice- MSU ABC offers courses in study skills and strategies. Check out their site for more information on times and eligibility.

How to form a study group Study groups are a good way to build your skills with people of similar interests in your area, and make the learning process more invigorating and interesting.