The first and foremost goal of applicable technology is for faculty to use it in a way that allows us to address the mission of this university: student learning and student success. The emphasis here is on good teaching, not merely the use of good technology. The test of any technological application is what impact it has on students. Enhancing the teaching and learning process with technology is no different from any other aspect of good teaching. It requires thought, careful planning, critical thinking and analysis, and the willingness to take risks.

Classroom Any method of communicating information from instructor to student is an instructional medium. There are a variety of techniques and uses associated with this. This paper is presented in an engaging question/answer format.

Web Resources Colleges and universities are being transformed by the technological revolution of the World Wide Web. The Web presents a host of new challenges to researchers. Web sites are not organized like books in a library, and it would be impossible to catalog all of its sites. No one, after all, owns the Internet and there is no central organization in place to enforce quality or editorial standards. Within Web pages themselves, finished prose mixes freely with conversation, art with advertising, and careful research with reckless hearsay. Information is often published on the Web which no serious publisher would touch. With this in mind, the need for careful evaluation is essential.

Online Courses If you are an instructor these days, you've no doubt noticed that the "traditional" educational experience is becoming somewhat atypical. Many individuals seeking to further their education are expressing a wish to participate in authentic learning opportunities-but only on their own terms. To meet the demands of this constituency, many universities and colleges are adjusting and developing programs in an attempt to promote true flexibility for both the institution and student. Changes in pedagogical strategies and the advent of robust technological tools enable today's educators to successfully shape this vision. More than ever before, higher-education institutions are offering courses (and degree programs) that utilize online resources to deliver distance education.