The Camtasia Relay Portable Recorder

What is it?

The Camtasia Relay portable recorder allows you to record your session to a
mobile storage device (such as a USB flash drive) if there is any reason you
cannot (or do not want to) record and upload directly from the presentation computer.
The Portable Recorder is an ideal solution to using a laptop with wireless connectivity in locations that have intermittent network service or if you plan to move the laptop before the complete uploading your presentation can take place.

Examples of When to Use the Portable Recorder

  • You need to record on a computer where you do not have permission to install applications.
  • You need to record on a computer that has limited or no network access, such as a laptop computer that you have brought to deliver your lecture or presentation.
  • You want to record several presentation and upload them collectively at a later time.

How can I learn more?

Perhaps the best place to start is to watch the brief 6 minute video on how it all works.
The video is at: ,
along with all the info you'll need to download and use it.