Lecture Capture at MSU

What is it?

"Lecture Capture is an umbrella term describing any technology that allows instructors to record what happens in their classrooms and make it available digitally. The term is used to describe a wide array of software, system capabilities, and hardware options. In its simplest form, lecture capture might be an audio recording made with an iPod. Alternatively, the term might refer to a software capture program, such as TechSmith's Camtasia Relay, that records cursor movement, typing, and other on-screen activity for demonstration purposes with an audio voiceover."
  -(from Educause, "7 things you should know about...Lecture Capture", http://net.educause.edu/ir/library/pdf/ELI7044.pdf, December 2008)

News for new and returning users: Camtasia Relay Version 4 is here!
See upgrade information below

Getting Started?

How do I learn more about lecture capture at MSU?
Start with the FAQ for the Lecture Capture Pilot on the MSU Bozeman campus

Read theStep by Step PDF

View the short, uneditedStep by Step video, made with Camtasia Relay v.1.

Check out the assortment of videos and written tutorials available on the Techsmith site. PLEASE NOTE: link takes to an external web page.

Need more help? Review the PDF versions of the Camtasia Relay help file for:

Camtasia Relay Presenter Website:
Camtasia Relay Recorder:
Everything else:
http://www.techsmith.com/tutorials-camtasia-relay-documentation.html  PLEASE NOTE: links takes to an external web page.

Special note for Laptop users:

"What if I am using a laptop with wireless network access in the recording location?"
Consider using the portable recorder, which lets you record your presentation onto a USB flash drive and upload it later on a computer with a solid and consistent network connection, such as your office computer.
Learn more about the Portable Recorder...

About the Camtasia Relay Version 4 upgrade:
You can check out a summary of the new features at:

Plenty of great videos and written tutorials are available on the Techsmith site at:
http://www.techsmith.com/tutorial-camtasia-relay-current.html PLEASE NOTE: links takes to an external web page.


What are the best practices for recording lectures?

Five Best Practices to Follow, taken from the September 22, 2016 workshop given by Ken Silvestri, the Instructional Designer at the Center for Faculty Excellence.  VIDEO:Best Practices for Engaging Students with Recorded Lectures using Camtasia Relay Video of this event is available.     camera  (Running Time 55:01)  

Where do I go for more information?

Click to email the ITC Service Desk
or call the ITC Help Desk at 994-1777.


Updated 09/09/2016