Note - These workshops have all taken place. However, if you or your college/department would like a customized presentation of any of these topics please feel free to contact:
Ritchie Boyd
(406) 994-4660

Session details
Lecture Capture from A to Z with Camtasia Relay
From 50 minute lectures to 3 minute "how-to's", Camtasia Relay lets you capture whatever is on your screen and make it available as a video on the web for your students - in 5 easy steps.
More information is at:

Getting started with the iClicker student response system

iClickers have been the Bozeman campus standard for over 5 years, the base stations are in most classrooms, and a large number of students own the clickers. Find out how easy it is to make your classroom more engaging with polling and in-class quizzes.
More information is at:

Making the most of your smart podium – optimizing available classroom technologies in MSU’s lecture halls and smart classrooms
If you’re new to MSU, or new to using the classrooms with smart podiums, drop in on this session that will provide an overview of the kinds of technologies that are built in to most MSU smart podiums, and discuss ways to leverage those tools to enhance your classroom instruction.

Writing Engaging Questions for Clickers in the Classroom- Going beyond the Basics
We see clicker technology all around campus today, and many students now have their own response units. Sure, we can use them to take attendance and provide simple in-class quizzes, but what is the next step? How do you write challenging, authentic questions that help students learn?   What kinds of questions engage students in discussion?  What makes a “good” question? 
This session is for those instructors who want to think about formulating and presenting polling questions and scenarios that provoke deeper thought and discussion.
NOTE:This workshop is designed for those instructors who are already using iClickers.

“Flipping the Classroom” with Lecture Capture
– Opportunities for Exploration
One of the most valuable things that lecture capture allows you to do is to take some of what you do during lecture and make it available to students outside of class, often before they come to class. Then you can build upon that knowledge, facilitate engaging discussions, and evaluate scenarios and case studies in more detail. This has been described as “flipping” the classroom – where what you once did during lecture is done by students online, and then they come to class prepared to engage with you and their peers.
This session is an opportunity to examine strategies for flipping and the kinds of activities you might consider for use both in and outside the classroom.
NOTE:This workshop is designed for those instructors who are already using lecture capture with Camtasia Relay or a similar tool.

Walk-in sessions for those looking to get started with popular MSU learning technologies
, such as iClickers, Lecture Capture with Camtasia Relay, and classroom Smart Podiums.
Note that the pre-semester sessions all take place in smart podium-equipped lecture halls:

August 25 (Thursday) 9am-11am
Leon Johnson 346
  9-10am: Lecture capture from A-Z
  10-11am: Getting Started with iClickers

August 26 (Friday) 9-10am, 10-11am
Reid 108
  Making the most of your Smart Podium
  (two repeat sessions, commencing on the hour)

Note that these sessions all take place in the SUB:

Introductory topics:
August 30 (Tuesday) 11am-1pm
SUB 232
Getting started with iClickers (two repeat sessions, commencing on the hour)

Sept 01 (Thursday) 11am-1pm  
SUB 232
Lecture Capture from A-Z(two repeat sessions, commencing on the hour))

For those with some experience using the tools:
Sept 07 (Wednesday) 11am-1pm  
SUB 235
  11am-Noon “Flipping the Classroom” with lecture capture
  12pm-1pm Creating Engaging Questions for use with clickers

Sept 09 (Friday) 11am-1pm  
SUB 232
  11am-Noon Creating Engaging Questions for use with clickers
  12pm-1pm “Flipping the Classroom” with lecture capture

For more info about these sessions or your general “teaching with technology” questions, please contact:
Ritchie Boyd
Teaching and Learning Technology Support Specialist
Office of the Provost
406 994 4660