iClicker Version 6 Information and resources:

Step by Step docs and videos:

Start Here: iClicker v6 Step by Step guide- (PDF) Updated and detailed step-by-step pdf document to get you up and running.
Then learn about using MSU's Online iClicker Web Registration - (PDF) Updated
All about the Version 6 Upgrade - Please read if you are new to iClicker v6.

Video: A quick overview of iClicker v6 - For returning users ( those already familiar with earlier versions of iClicker), this 9 minute video looks at the important changes in the iClicker v6 software and the user interface.
Video: Downloading the v6 Software from iClicker.com.
NOTE: Please download the latest software from the site, whether it is version 6.2 or higher, using the same steps described in the video.

Video:In-class Polling in iClicker v6 - A quick look at the changes in the way you conduct classroom polls with version 6.
Video:Using Demographics - See how you can collect demographic data and then view your poll responses with the demographic information superimposed on them.
Video:Using iGrader v6 - An introduction to the new user iGrader interface and features.

Experienced users - See the one page version 6 QuickStart for fast access to web synch URL's and other handy bits.

Most frequently asked question: "Which MSU Bozeman classrooms have clicker base stations?"

Most MSU classrooms with smart podiums now have clicker base stations.
If your classroom doesn't have one, please contact Chris Bahn to schedule an installation or loaner base.

Resources for Web Registration:

MSU uses an internal web registration system that allows us to synchronize student clickers and course rosters more effectively. Please make sure students register their clickers at the MSU web registration site, listed below.
Using MSU's online Web Registration:http://www.montana.edu/teachlearn/TLResources/documents/UsingOnlineRegistrationforiClicker-v6.pdf

Handy links to important web pages referred to in the Web Registration document:
The MSU iClicker student Web Registration site
The MSU Class Rolls service:

If you have to register a student's clicker manually, (use only as a last resort):
See page 36-37 (In-Class “Individual” Registration) of the user guide: http://www.iclicker.com/uploadedFiles/Content/Support/User_Guides/iclicker62UserGuide(1).pdf

Resources for using iClickers with Desire2Learn (for instructors): 

The following document from iClicker details the general steps for using iClicker/iGrader and D2L, but it is important to note that the steps for exporting a roster and registering clickers (pages 6 through 9) are superceded by the process detailed in the Using MSU's Online Web Registration document, linked above.

If students have to reset the frequency on their remote:

Normally this is not an issue, but if a student has purchased an iC2 remote from elsewhere and the frequency is not set to AA-

Using iClickers on both a Mac and Windows PC:

Not a problem if your classroom has a Windows PC and your office has a Mac - the iClicker files are compatible across the systems, but you must do a simple setup with the folders and applications on your USB drive in order for this to work properly.
See: http://www.montana.edu/teachlearn/TLResources/i-clickerMac-PC.htm

External Resources about Clickers

Link to MSU Technical FAQ

For questions or for more information, contact:

Chris Bahn, 994-5269 cbahn@chemistry.montana.edu

About the iClicker Version 6 software

MSU has now moved to iClicker and iGrader software version 6.
You can download the software at the iClicker download site: (http://www.iclicker.com/support/downloads/).
Please take a moment to read more about the upgrade.

PLEASE READ about the most important things to know about the new software, bases, and remotes:

  • You SHOULD be using the latest software!
  • You don't need to upgrade your instructor clicker remote or the student clickers to iC2's for doing the familiar A-E polling. The original A-E iC1's work just fine, still.
  • The new bases have a firmware patch available, and the software may remind you of this, but you don't have to have the base firmware updated to use the new software. Just click through if a message appears.
  • The new software looks around for other nearby bases, but you can go ahead and use your base on the default frequency and not worry about stray clicker votes - any votes/points associated with them won't be exported.
  • The class rolls roster, clicker registration, and export grades to D2L processes are all the same as before!

    Details are on the upgrade page


Archival information:

iClicker Version 5.5 Step By Step Videos (for reference only - please use version 6):

Step 1: Download the v5.5 iClicker software (NOTE - Version 6 and later software will be the only supported version of the iClicker software starting in May 2012. See below.)
Step 2: Set up your course in iClicker and start polling
Step 3: Set up your course roster and Synchronize Student Web Registration to match student clickers, using Class Rolls and MSU's Web Registration database
Step 4: View, set, and export grades with iGrader, then Import grades into D2L