Welcome to MSU!

Orientation of new faculty at any institution is essential for creating the culture of the university. Faculty touch students’ lives like no other position on campus. They witness their struggles and successes and shape the future of this institution. In our current times, they are probably even more apprehensive in this new world about changing jobs and possibly their home to join the MSU family.

We want to make sure that YOU feel welcome and supported as you begin your new career.

New Faculty Orientation will take place in two sessions this year:

  • Non-Tenure-Track Faculty will be August 10th, 2020, and
  • Tenure-Track Faculty will be August 11th, 2020.

Because the information needs for these two groups are different, we are having two events to tailor them to these specific audiences. Faculty should recieve an invitation via email to register for one of the orientations. If you are a new faculty member and have not received an invitation, please send us an email at cfe@montana.edu.

COVID-19 Precautions

These sessions will be taking place virtually and in-person, giving faculty their choice of how to participate. If they choose to participate in-person, here are some of the COVID19 guidelines that will be in place for the sessions.

In order to mitigate health concerns we will encourage participants to:

  • sit at tables with the 6-feet distance to maintain proper social distancing,
  • wear a cloth mask or face shield as appropriate,
  • use provided hand sanitizer at the tables, and
  • experience extra cleaning of tables and chairs throughout the day.

You will indicate your choice when you register for how you would like to participate.

Questions about New Faculty Orientation? Contact us at cfe@montana.edu.