The award will recognize the partnering pair who has together engaged students in quality service learning. Through service learning, students apply their academic skills and knowledge to address the genuine needs of a community organization. This provides students with a deeper understanding of their studies and fosters a stronger sense of civic responsibility.

The selection committee will evaluate nominees on the following criteria:

• Learning Objectives Describe the service learning course on which the nominated pair partnered. What were the course learning objectives? (Please attach a copy of the syllabus from the service learning course.)

• Service Learning Activities ~ Community Need Describe the kinds of service students provided in the nominated pairs’ service learning course. What was the community need the service addressed? How was the need identified and by whom? Please provide an example of the nature of students’ actual service activities. Describe the way the course was structured and the way the service activities were integrated with the academic content of the course. Describe the impact the service learning course had on the students, the community organization, and the faculty member/community partner pair. How was impact measured?

• Assessment of Student Learning ~ Reflection Describe how you assessed student learning. What types of reflection activities were used in this course and with what frequency?

• Partnership Describe how this partnership evolved? Explain the roles and responsibilities of each partner in this service learning course endeavor. How did partners maintain communication? Why was this partnership a success? Selection Criteria: The assessment of nominees will involve consideration of the quality of the partnership, and will be heavily weighted around how well the service learning course meets the best practices of service learning listed below:

    •  identified learning objectives
    •  evaluation and/or assessment of student learning
    •  structured reflection activities
    •  addresses an actual community identified need Faculty members and their community partners are asked to complete their nomination online

Faculty members and their community partners are asked to complete their nomination online. Click here for more information. 

Questions about the President’s Award for Excellence in Service Learning should be addressed to Rebekah VanWieren, Chair of the Service Learning Advisory Committee at